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When all else fails, bring out the hot glue gun....

Posted Jun 25 2009 12:49pm
So we're only...what, maybe 2 weeks into summer break and I've been racking my brain every single day as to what to do with the kids to keep them....hmmm, what's the right word?? Happy! Yes, that's the word....happy.

They love to do crafts but I'm not exactly what you'd call "crafty"...not even "creative"....talented maybe? Nope, definitely not. But in order to keep my kids happy, I swallowed my pride and walked into JoAnn's one day and proceeded to shop my little heart out, pulling things off the shelves left and right..."oh, this looks like fun"..."the kids would LOVE this".

Before I knew it, I had 3 bags full of crafts and supplies, along with project ideas. Oh, this was gonna be so much fun....right? RIGHT?! I had to keep convincing myself of that.

At my last MOPS meeting, we had decorated flip-flops and the kids LOVED the ones I made so that was our first craft project of the summer. I brought out the hot glue gun and we all oooh'd and awww'd over it. They were all very impressed with that. Hot glue?? So cool. I quickly forbid them from touching the glue gun.

"But, why, Mommy?", Cole asked. I replied, "Unless you want to end up with your eyes glued shut, I suggest you just stay away from it, okay?".

I waited until Garrett and Landon were down for their nap before beginning the flip-flop project because....well, toddlers + hot glue gun = one very stressed out Mommy. Enough said. I just knew it would be an emergency room visit waiting to happen. I've had to learn my lessons the hard way.

Cole and Bella each picked out a pair of flip flops and we began our project. They each got to pick out what they wanted on their flip flops and they placed the decorations in place, while I used the hot glue gun to fasten the decoration to the strap of the sandal.

"Mommy, the glue gun is SO cool", they both said. "Yes, it is pretty cool but it's very not touch the glue!!". So what did they both do?? Yeah, they touched the hot glue. I just looked at them....and I said, "WHY....why do you always do the opposite of what I ask you to do? I tell you something's hot and to stay away and the first thing you do is reach out to touch it??". They both looked at me all wide-eyed....obviously they had no explanation for it.

Just for fun, I tried a little reverse psychology on them. When I put more hot glue on the strap of one of the flip flops, I said to them, "Oh, make sure you touch the glue this's super hot". They both stared at me and said, "Huh?". My point has been proven. So if you ever hear me shouting to the kids, while at the playground, "Make sure you throw sand in each other's playground visit is complete until someone gets a handful of sand in their eyes".....just remember, it's not bad parenting. It's reverse psychology, at its finest.

Anyway, back to the flip flops, we actually did have a lot of fun making them. They were both very creative with their flip flop designs. Here are the projects completed (I even made a pair!):

These are the ones Cole made - a boy and his passion for dinosaurs

These are just one pair that Bella made - her feet look awfully puffy...kinda looks like I pulled a Kate Gosselin by denying my daughter a drink of water all day long, eh?

Here's the pair I made, along with a pair she made....she was very concerned that our flowers didn't match exactly but I assured her that they looked similar enough. She said, "Mommy, purple and pink are NOT the case you didn't know that". My daughter, the smart-ass....I guess it takes one to know one.

So our first summer craft project went off without a hitch. Yes, they did touch the hot glue but no one walked away with their fingers glued together or their eyes glued shut.......this time, anyway.
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