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Whatcha Wearing Right Now?

Posted Mar 02 2010 11:53am

Right now, I am wearing a pair of light blue flannel pj pants, an old white hoodie  and one of my hubby’s white t-shirt’s, which hangs out from under the sweatshirt.  On my feet are a pair of fuzzy- wuzzy grey and white striped socks.  I’m wearing one cute thing–my favorite hoop earrings.  I’m not wearing a bra.  Lately when I’m feeling crashed and flattened, I find that locating a bra, putting it on, hooking it in front, then twisting it around and putting my arms in the straps, demands more energy than I have… so, ha!…I’m looking flattened too!

How about you?  Right this minute…what are you wearing?

When I was little I remember my parents getting a call to a “come as you are party”.  This gave me the “whatcha wearing now?” idea.  You were supposed to wear to the party whatever you were wearing when you answered the phone and received the invite…your robe, boxers and slippers, gardening overalls etc…

Since a good lot of us are at least some of the time homebound and bedridden.  Since often getting to our showers and wardrobes can use up more energy than we have some days, I thought I’d throw this question in a post now and then, cause I think we probably have some fun and unusual answers…

(Posting photos would be all the more fun, but I’m not that brave…)

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