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What Will Global WarmingMean for Our Children?

Posted Sep 13 2008 7:28pm

For some time, I’ve envisioned buying oceanfront property that we then pass on to our children. I suppose it’s not an uncommon wish, however financially unlikely.

But recent reports of global warning make me wonder if it’s such a good idea. The Antarctic ice sheet is losing up to 36 cubic miles of ice a year depending on which new study you rely on, reports The Washington Post. And that means the oceans are rising by 0.4 millimeters a year.

To make matters worse, other glaciers – such as Greenland’s – are melting at a faster clip than originally predicted. The danger to our planet is both obvious yet complicated.

Other than beachside property though, it’s hard to know what global warming will mean for our children. Aside from joking that we should buy our house in soon-to-be-warm Alaska, I do wonder what environmental damage will mean for our children as they grow up.

Will Seth and Lael live in a world where millions of miles of coastline disappear? Will Southern states become more desert-like? Or increasingly tropical? Will it still snow in the northern states? Will American glaciers disappear completely?

While experts generally agree that global warming is happening, they disagree on how our environment will change. But it is distinctly possible that by the time Seth and Lael are in their 60s, the world will look and feel very different than today.

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