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What Were We Thinking?

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:25pm
Do you ever look through old photo albums and ask yourself " What were we thinking?" Here's a perfect example...

Il Duomo in Milan, Italy

Umm, yeah. That's me with the pigeons eating out of my hands. Can you say flying rats? How about some E. Coli? Or maybe Salmonella? Or here's a big scary sounding germ, histoplasmosis. Umm, yeah. I am licensed by several states to put the initials R.N. behind my name. What were we thinking?

I burned up almost a whole roll of film taking photos of us feeding the pigeons in front of Il Duomo Cathedral in Milan, Italy back in 1994 or so. I felt it was a Kodak Moment. And I didn't want to miss capturing it on film. You know, for posterity's sake.

Oh, look. Here's Young Sarge covered in pigeons too. There's even one sitting on his shoulder. Can you say Mother of the Year Award?

Il Duomo in Milan Italy #4

Look at our faces in this next photo. I think we were all thinking about the flying rats we had just touched. Eww! What were we thinking?

Il Duomo in Milan, Italy #3

OK, so I was going to write about the beauty and magnificence of Il Duomo Cathedral in Milan, Italy. Instead, I have written a silly gross-out post. So, allow me to redeem myself.

The Il Duomo cathedral in Milan is often referred to as one of the greatest churches in the world. It is the very epitome of Gothic architecture. Every inch and every corner of the cathedral is covered in ornate carvings. No detail is spared.

Il Duomo in Milan, Italy postcard

My favorite part of the church though is the roof. It is here that you can get a close-up view of the sculptures that you might otherwise miss from the street. The roof of the cathedral is like a forest of sculptures, pinnacles and spires. And flying buttresses.

Il Duomo In Milan, Italy #2

Is it just me or does anyone else giggle when they hear the words flying buttress? I always imagine butts flying around with wings. Never mind, we won't go there.

So, the reason that I shared these old photos and information on Milan's masterpiece is because I plan to share the recipe for Milanese risotto and Italian pork chops on Friday. Won't you join me? I promise I washed my hands after touching the pigeons.

1955 Vintage Italian Cookbook

You can follow this link to read more about our travels and adventures in Italy.

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