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What to Say When Your Child Talks Back

Posted Jul 27 2008 3:11pm
I have an eleven year old daughter and she can be very disagreeable. There are times when we ask her to do something to help out and with her little tween attitude she sasses and talks back to us. What can you do if your child does this? I turned to Parenting Magazine for answers. That is when I found this in the September, 2007 issue. "Being rude to Mom and Dad may be common preteen behavior, but you don't have to tolerate it. Here's how to respond: "I'm sorry, did you say something? I thought I heard you speak rudely." Give your child a chance to correct himself. "That's back talk, and it's unacceptable. Come get me when you're ready to talk politely." Instead of saying something vague like, "Watch your mouth," point out the problem and then walk away to make it clear that you won't respond to rude language. "Are you trying to say that I'm being unfair? Can we discuss this rationally?" Sometimes kids talk back because they don't know how to vent in an appropriate way, so help your child learn to discuss his feelings calmly." When I try these on my daughter she usually storms to her room, but it does prevent an argument, or me losing my temper. Give these tips a try. My Technorati Tags parenting tweens discipline

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