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What To Do with ALL of Those Tomatoes

Posted Aug 30 2013 12:00am

So, if you are like me, you planted a few tomato plants. (I planted six.) Or, maybe, your neighbors planted tomatoes, or you went to the farmer's market and bought a flat of heirloom tomatoes. You probably have tomatoes all over the kitchen, and you've learned the best way to get rid of fruit flies.

1/2 cup apple cider vinegar, in a cup with three squirts of dish soap. Leave uncovered on the counter and clean out the grossness a couple of hours later. You're welcome.

I've canned tomatoes. I've made homemade sauce. I made tomato jam, which was so incredibly delicious that I have no words. At all. No, I lie. If you like tomatoes, make this stuff . Toast an everything bagel, smear it with cream cheese, and layer this on it. Seriously amazing.

I still have a lot of tomatoes. Yesterday, I picked 17. SEVENTEEN in one day. Holy cow, we have tomatoes. So I searched around for something to do, and came up with these. I've made them three times, with the plan to freeze some for the winter - but they are long gone before I get around to it.

Slice a bunch of tomatoes. I don't have an exact number - how many ever will fill your pan. It needs to be a baking sheet with a lip, and line that sucker with parchment paper. It's ok to overlap them a bit. Pour a bit of olive oil over them, sprinkle some salt over the top, and slide into a 200 degree over for five hours.

Yes. I said five hours.

You start with this:

  What To Do with ALL of Those Tomatoes

Ugly, but delicious, yes?

  What To Do with ALL of Those Tomatoes

Ok, smells good, nothing amazing or awe inspiring....

What To Do with ALL of Those Tomatoes

Two hours in, smarting to smell yummy.....

What To Do with ALL of Those Tomatoes

Five hours later. Nom, Nom, Nom!!!

Eat them off the pan. Put them on the aforementioned bagel. Layer them on chicken breast. Toss them with pasta. Puree them and use anywhere you'd use a spaghetti sauce. Layer them on a pizza, grilled or otherwise.

My new best meal addition.

Tomatoes are the best part of summer, in my opinion.

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