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What to Do in the Event of a Hurricane

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:25pm

This post was scheduled to auto-publish on next Monday. In light of our current preparations for yet another hurricane, I thought I'd go ahead and publish our Labor Day weekend adventures surrounding Hurricane Gustav sooner. Follow this link for more hurricane stories. I like Ike. Not!

Living in Southeast Texas, just a few miles from the Gulf Coast, means watching a lot of The Weather Channel from June 1st to November 30th every year. That's when the official hurricane season is. Around this time of year, there is always a lot of talk about hurricane preparedness. So, I thought I'd share a few of my tips on how to prepare for a hurricane.

1) Bring in all lawn furniture. Place plywood over any large windows in your home. Stock up on essential household items. Here's an example- a grocery store near Crystal Beach, Texas is all boarded up with a parking lot full of people stocking up on last minute items.

Surfing Lessons #1

2) Identify ahead of time where you plan to go in the event of an evacuation. Map out your route. Keep your car filled with gas. If you are unable to evacuate on your own, be aware of where to go to for mass evacuation by city buses. In Beaumont, Texas that would be Ford Arena. See the hundreds of buses, ambulances and police cars assembling there.

Surfing Lessons #2

3) Be sure to assemble a package of emergency supplies. Flashlights, batteries, a radio. And a first aid kit. Because you might get hurt while surfing at the beach in the waves that the hurricane is bound to stir up.

Surfing Lessons #3

Yes, you heard me right. We went surfing in the waves of Hurricane Gustav. Paratrooper Man was a surfing dude back in the day. And he never turns down an opportunity to give our girls a surfing lesson.

Surfing Lessons #4

Old surfers live for moments like this. There usually isn't much for waves on the Gulf Coast. You usually have to go to the East Coast or the West Coast. Except when there's bad weather in the area, then there's waves big enough to surf.

Surfing Lessons #5

Now, just to clarify. We weren't actually there during the hurricane. And we didn't disobey any evacuation orders. We went to the beach on Saturday morning. Orange County and Jefferson County were ordered to evacuate late on Saturday evening. And we live in Hardin County, so we figured we wouldn't be evacuated at all. So, we packed up the convertible and headed to the beach for the day.

Surfing Lessons #6

We had the whole beach to ourselves. We enjoyed the waves for a few hours and then headed home. And unfortunately, that's when our fun ended. It turns out that Hardin County was also being evacuated as a safety precaution. Story continued soon.

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