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what supplements should i take?

Posted May 27 2010 12:00am
So, I've had a lot of you ask what kind of supplements you should be taking,
but I hesitated in sharing because I'm not a health expert nor am I a doctor.
{I know, you're like, "what?!?  You're not?!?"}
No people, I'm not.

I just happen to be a regular girl who took an interest in my health when my energy dropped and my metabolism slowed....
and I still had a bunch of kids around me who didn't seem to be showing the same symptoms.
{not fair, not fair!!!!}

I actually meant to post this back when I did my healthfitness blogs, 
but then I went and lost that blogging feeling...
and the blog world began to suffer without me.
{shhhh, shhhh, I know, I know....}

But blogging issues aside, I am ready to take this on.
And rather than tell you what YOU should take,
I'll just share what I take and why....and then allow you to decide where to go from there.
So kids, get out your pens and paper and get ready to take some notes...

My daily list:

Nutrition Now - Pb 8 Acidophilus, 120 capsules

I start and end my day with one of these babies...totaling two a day.
I've actually read that it's best to take them on an empty stomach, so I try....although I rarely have an empty stomach.  Instead I aim for empty-ish.  
So, probiotics are the "good" bacteria that our colon needs to stay healthy.  I've read that "total health begins in the gut, therefore if your GI tract isn't in optimal health, then your overall health could be compromised."
Basically what this means is: most of the people I know that take these on a regular basis are NEVER sick, so I keep popping them in hopes that one day I'll join that club!

Wellesse Vitamin D3 Liquid 1000 IU, Natural Berry Flavor, 16 ounce Bottle (Pack of 3)

I call this my bottle of sunshine.
{I gotta bottle, gotta bottle full of sunshine...}
And even though I live in Southern Cali, most of the year I don't get nearly enough Vitamin D3 as experts say we should have...
so I take shots of it throughout the day.  
I try to take 3000 IU's in the summer, and up to 5000 IU's in the winter.
{check with your doctor to find out what your levels are, and then take them to balance it out}
~ helps with a healthy immune system {three kids + lack of sleep = help with immune system, please.}
~ vital to bone, teeth, breast, and colon health {maybe my breasts will grow?}
~ makes you happy {that's my own made up fact, but sunshine makes me happy, so it makes sense, ya?}
And btw, it totally tastes yummy.

Virgin Coconut Oil (Certified Organic) (1000mg) 120 sgels

By now, you know my love of coconut oil,
(waiting for the gig of coconut oil spokesperson my people),
 and while you won't get nearly enough coconut oil through a supplement, I figure every little bit helps as I don't have the guts to eat spoonfuls of it quite yet.
But I do cook with it, ummmm, I mean, Jimmy cooks with it. {me, cook?  what?!?}
Experts say you should take up to 3 tablespoons a day for maximum benefits.
{and the calories DO go towards your daily amount}
~ helps in preventing premature aging due to it antioxidant properties {I have three kids, I know premature aging!}
~ helps to prevent high cholesterol and blood pressure {runs in my family on both sides}
~ increases body metabolism {nothing is the same after 30}
~ useful in treating pancreatitis {have a friend who suffers, you DO NOT want this!}
~ improves digestive system, prevents irritable bowel syndrome {everyone wants a regular poo, am I right?}
~ strengthens the immune system {again, the more help with this, the better!}
~ helps to prevent liver, kidney, and gall bladder diseases {woah the gallbladder pain, never again!}
~ helps with diabetes in that it can help control blood sugar levels {wish I knew this when I was pregnant and had gestational diabetes!}

L-Carnitine Liquid (3000mg) Citrus 16 fl.oz

L-Carnatine is a known antioxidant as well as an amino acid.
I actually take one tablespoon of this a day right before my workouts.
~ relieves physical and mental fatigue {oh my, do I need that!}
~ increases strength and endurance {sure, sure}
~ reduces muscle injuries and soreness {aging can suck it}
~ slows aging of the brain {um yes, I'll take that too!}
~ improves memory, concentration, ability to learn {what was that again?}
~ reduces liver problems, and issues of fatty liver {okay, not yet...but at least now I won't have to worry!}
~ increases the rate at which fat is burned {listen, the older I get, I need all the help I can with this!}

One-A-Day Womens Multivitamin-250 Tablets

Okay, so obviously, I have a multivitamin as well.
Doesn't everyone?
I take one of these a day,
hence the name,
every night before bed.

Schiff Melatonin Plus 3 mg Melatonin w/ 25 mg Theanine - For Stress Relief & Sounder Sleep - 300 Tablets

Speaking of bed....
On those nights where my restless legs seem to be acting up,
or my mind is having a hard time slowing down,
or I'm too mad at Jimmy to sleep (rare, but happens),
I pop one of these babies and 30 min later I feel the sleepy bug start to bite.
Beware though, you will have some serious dreams with these.
At least I do...
but I kinda like that side effect.

And that about covers it for me.
I'm considering adding in Krill Oil w/Primrose as well as Chlorella, 
since my health nut friend swears by them....
(her blog is coming soon!)
but I want to read up on them first.
It just makes me feel all smart and informed that way.

Anyway, hope that helped...
and if you have any questions, 
I'm here to help.
Just call me Dr. Summer, Health Expert.

And if you have anything you love and swear by, by all means, comment away!!!
There's always room for more experts on my blog!

© 2010 "Le Musings of Moi"
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