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What’s Bubble Gum?

Posted Sep 22 2008 10:27am

Keatkeat: “Mommy, what is a gum?”

Widening my mouth and showing my uneven rows of teeth, raised up my pretty index finger and pointed to the row of pink flesh holding those teeth up. “That’s gum.” I replied.

Keatkeat: “Mommy, then what’s bubble?”

Widened my eyes! “You KNOW what bubble IS!”

Keatkeat: “Oh so its that bubble I see when I bathe right?”

Me: “Yeeesss….” Wondering where are these questions leading to…

Keatkeat: “So bubble gum is BUBBLE ON THE GUMS, right?”

*Super laugh*

You see, Singapore Government banned selling of gums long before Keatkeat was born and we never brought him OUT of Singapore before. So he had no idea what Bubble gum is. He heard it from his classmate, who (I guess) probably went to Malaysia over the weekend and bought some back.

Me: “No dear, Bubble Gum is a kind of ’sweet’. You can chew on it and when you chew long enough, you can create a big bubble by blowing into it….”

Keatkeat: *Eyes and Jaws opened up* “Wahhh…Can you show me?”

Me: “I don’t have Bubble Gum now..”

Keatkeat: “Then go buy it…”

Me: “Singapore doesn’t sell it, we have to go to other countries to get it.”

Keatkeat: “Then can you go now?”

Me: *laugh* “When I have the chance to go other countries, I’ll buy for you ok? But you CANNOT SWALLOW the Bubble Gum.”

Keatkeat: “Why cannot?”

Me: “Cos’ its NOT MEANT to be swallowed. Its sticky like PlayDoh, so if you swallowed it…hmmm…maybe it will stick to your stomach and not come out as poo poo…”

Keatkeat: “Huh?! Then I don’t want to eat Bubble Gum…”

In my heart I was thinking, when he really get to see the ‘bubble’ forming from the gum, I don’t think he’ll say that. *wink*


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