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What Makes You Sad? PMS, Hormonal Imbalance and How To Be Happy

Posted Dec 12 2012 5:04pm

I don’t think it’s fair that women have an excuse, once a month, to act irrationally angry when the rest of us have to keep it together all the time.

- Nick Miller (New Girl Menzies Episode)

Yes Nick, it really is not fair. Experiencing PMS or pre menstrual syndrome, every month is not fair. It’s a roller coaster ride! Most girls who experience PMS will agree that is the hardest day of the month. Feeling overly happy without any reason then suddenly feeling sad without any reason too. It’s harder when depression kicks in or when irritability overpowers you.

In my case, 2 weeks prior to my menstruation, I’d be overly happy, it feels like I’m in a bliss. It’s a nice feeling though I cannot explain why I am that happy. This will be followed by depression and sadness, the irritability comes next. One day before my period, I’d be domesticated. I can’t stop doing household chores, I feel so productive during those times.

My cycle may sound crazy but I already got used to it, every month, it’s like that. But of course having get used to it, does not mean I always welcome PMS with open arms. Though it’s nice to be overly happy, I hope I can skip depression and irritability.

Pre- Menstrual Syndrome or PMS has been linked to Luteal phase, which is a latter phase of a menstrual cycle. This cycle begins with formation of corpus luteum and ends up with pregnancy or degradation of the corpus luteum (comes before the period). During this phase, there is a change in the hormones of a female body. Although no studies proved it, but this may be one of the reasons why there is a mood swing before the period.

If PMS can be linked to hormonal changes, imagine what happens when a woman experiences hormonal imbalance? Hormonal Imbalance happens when we age and the endocrine system looses productivity and hormonal production decreases. When hormonal imbalance kicks in, a series of health issues comes with it, this may include (but not limited to) fatigues, mood problems, skin problems and weight problems.

Aging, we cannot do something about, but Hormonal Imbalance, we can balance it.

The Endocrine System is our hormone system, you can see the illustration above where our hormones came from. As it plays a  vital role in our body, we must keep our endocrine system nourished. Macafem, a 100% natural supplement made of a special selection of Lepidium Meyenii, which revitalizes the endocrine system.

Macafem contains high nutritional value consisting of amino acids, complex carbohydrates, and vitamins B1, B2, B12, C, and E. These components nourish the pituitary and other endocrine glands, promoting an optimal functioning of the hormonal system. Find more information about hormonal imbalance and learn how Macafem works  .  You can also find women’s reviews and testimonials of Macafem  on its Facebook Page.

Let’s stay happy and PMS free ladies!

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