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What is worse than…

Posted Dec 03 2010 3:17pm
What Is Worse Than Having Rain EVERY DAY

during School Holidays??




For those of you who had been reading my blog for a long time, would know that Keatkeat has a ‘Naughty Friend’ who never chooses a good time for a visit.

Yes, ‘he’ is none other than Bronchitis! *eyes rolled*

I have been looking forward to this long school break so much that my neck could be as long as the giraffe! *laugh* I was all ready to WHACK each and every day with outdoor fun.

All fun started on the VERY First day of school break, it was PLAY PLAY PLAY FOR a full 5 days and BAM! Keatkeat fell sick! *faint*

We went:

  1. Swimming
  2. Cycling
  3. Toys R Us
  4. Kiddy Palace
  5. Big and Small Playgrounds

Maybe we played too hard and it hit Keatkeat’s limit. Maybe his immune system was shouting “Alright, stop stop stop, I need rest….” *tongue in cheek*

Yup, he is vomiting away  his phlegm (as usual) and in just 2 days he had lost 1.5 kg. *Heart Pain* Now, he weighs lighter than his 5 year old brother.

But my 7 year old boy is so familiar with this ‘Naughty Friend’s behaviour’, so he knows that so long as he keeps getting rid of the phlegm, he would be fine in no time. It used to be Mommy standing beside him to comfort him. Now, he would say “Mommy *cough*, no need *cough* to stand here. I *cough* am ok…*cough cough cough…bleh* And he goes back to his ‘cough-until-vomit-activity’. Big boy now. *hugs*

So because of this bad cough, all indoor places are prohibited because air-conditioned places make his cough worse. As for outdoor, he feels giddy when he sees the sunshine and if it rains, he coughs even more. *sigh*

So, it has been STAY AT HOME, STAY AT HOME, STAY AT HOME for the past one week. Luckily we did not buy the tickets for ‘Walking With Dinosaurs’ earlier, or else, he would be ‘Coughing With Dinosaurs’ throughout the show….. *giggle*

Being ‘harassed’ by his ‘naughty friend’ for a week now, he is definitely recovering well, so now I am thinking of getting tickets for ‘Walking With Dinosaurs’…. Have you brought your child to ‘Walking With Dinosaurs’ yet?

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