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what is true, what is true, what is true

Posted Sep 08 2010 9:29am

I've been a victim to my own lies for a lifetime.
I've lived in a prison of torture that was self inflicted.
I didn't know there was another way.
I didn't know it could be different.

I was vulnerable to outside influences.  
I believed their words, their ideas, their opinions...
about me.
Anothers truth was just that, the truth, completely and absolutely.

Basically, if it was said...
if it was thought...
it was TRUTH.

I had carried a lifetime of lies, 
and that heavy heavy burden was crushing me:
Heart, soul, spirit, and body.

But God knew it had gone on long enough.
I could no longer be a christian set free and continue to live in a world of lies.
He was within me, I had His truth deep inside...
I just needed to be aware and see and use it. 

But to USE it, I had to KNOW it, 
and after a lifetime, 
I didn't know the difference between what was the truth and what was a lie when it came to myself.

So I took the time to learn, to search, and to believe...
so that when the lies would come up, 
as they always do, 
I would be able to stop and immediately replace them with Gods truth.

I know that I have a good heart.
I know that though I have my failures and moments not to be proud of,
that those moments DO NOT define me.
And no matter what, I am still a child of God, 
and I am worthy...

...worthy of unconditional love,
and respect.

Both from myself, 
and from others.

God's truth has been hidden in my heart, 
but hidden it is no longer.

I have allowed God to connect my heart to my mind, 
and the freedom I feel...
the comfort I feel...
There are NO WORDS.

And oh how it makes me appreciate the journey I went through to get here.

© 2010 "Le Musings of Moi"
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