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What? Ian a Constant Subject of Discussion in School?

Posted Oct 06 2012 12:50am

Last week, Ian told me that he was selected to play volleyball in the school, by a sport teacher who have never taught him. At first I was happy for him, but later puzzled – why was he chosen? He has not shown any trait of sporty talents, and he has not represented class in any sports activities in sports day, etc. My impression of him in sport is quite poor, honestly.

Furthermore, he said that the teacher has asked that he goes to the school every Saturday 12noon to practice, knowing he has a pinyin class at 12:30pm. Practicing at midday, plus 30min before his class, really doesn’t make any sense. So, DH asked me to walk him in and make sure things are ok on the first day.

Today, on the way sending him to the school for his first practice, he was angry that I wanted to walk him in. He kept saying that I made him feel shameful. Wow, my son has grown up, he doesn’t want his mommy to visit the school! @_@

Anyway, I told him that I want to find out about why the teacher chose him. That’s when he revealed to me a few truth (in exchange for me not to walk him in!).

First, the teacher chose him because another teacher told him that Ian is good in sports (something I don’t even know myself). And the other teacher is actually his sports teacher, also the class teacher (who dislikes him very much). The class teacher never selected him for any activities, despite he was the fastest and did the best. She told him that he will NEVER be selected because he was too NAUGHTY. :(

When we reached the school, he was still reluctant for me to follow, so I told him that I will follow from afar, just to see him only. That relieved him a little. When he went in, he ran to the teacher’s office to see that sports teacher, whilst I stay at the volleyball court waiting. To my surprise, the teacher came down with him to meet me. More news surprised me…

Apparently, Ian is just too ‘famous’ for his lack of focus in the school, that he has been a subject of discussion in the teacher’s office. He is labeled as ‘hyperactive’, ‘naughty’, ‘troubled child’, ‘very clever and smart, but never pay attention’, ‘never listen to teacher, doesn’t do homework, yet still do well in exams’, etc.

This sports teacher saw that Ian has a bigger built, and knowing that he is also good in sports, offered to let him do volleyball. He wanted to see if letting him burn more energy in sports, would help him in better focus in study.

OMG!! He is just so sweet! He is so caring! He doesn’t have to do that, but he did! I’m so thankful to God that he sent such a teacher who noticed Ian and is willing to do something about it.

But it won’t start so soon though. Ian got it wrong. We will only start much later, maybe in Jan, or during school holiday. The teacher will inform him again.

Seriously, this boy is giving me so much trouble and concerns. I’ve done so many things, trying to correct his attitude at school. Sometimes, we may think the teachers are not loving him, but well, just imagine if you are teaching a class of 50 students, would you have that kind of energy to coach everyone? I try to do that with just Ian alone and I am so exhausted. What to do with a class of 50 kids?

I do hope this would help him a bit… and help the teachers too! :)

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