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what i wore on the mommalogues

Posted Jul 13 2012 3:40pm
I am actually BACK on track here!
My Friday posts are back.

Remember to see the videos, check out the right hand sidebar or visit the Mommalogues site!


What outfit or beauty product do you always count on to feel your most beautiful?
How does any girl choose just one beauty product or one item of clothing that makes them feel most beautiful?  I’m just way more complicated than that, because it all depends on how I’m feeling.  Sometimes it’s a certain type of look, sometimes it’s a certain kind of beauty product, but usually it’s a combination of it all.

what i'm wearing...
top: h&m from goodwill
necklace: salvation army
gifted necklace: kate spade
makeup mentioned: mary kay ultimate mascara, wet n wild blush, physicians formula eyeliner, chanel lipgloss


Do you let your kids have sleepovers?
I am most definitely quite conservative when it comes to letting my kids have sleepovers at their friends.  And when I say “quite conservative,” I mean I don’t allow them….ever.  Annnnnnd, to be quite honest, I’m not sure I ever will.  Not now and especially not when they’re teenagers.  I’m all about play dates, but when it comes time to sleep, it needs to be at home in their own beds. Of which, I will always be checking to make sure they’re still in it until the day they move out. Like I said, I’m conservative.

what i'm goodwillheadband: h&mearrings: wet seal (vintage)
What is the most challenging conversation you've had with your kids so far? Taylor, my 7 year old, is a very deep thinker.  He is constantly thinking about things that as an adult I haven’t even thought about.  So, when he comes to me with deep theology questions about God and Christianity and Life, I do what every good mom would do….I tell him to wait till his dad gets home and ask him.  So, when it comes to challenging conversations, Jimmy would be definitely be the one to tell you all about those.
what i'm salvation army
Tell us about a time you went to a drive in movie theatre. Maybe I’m missing something here, but do good stories come out of a drive in movie experience?  Because when I go see movies, that’s basically the extent of my story…I went to see a movie.  But, in the spirit of making things interesting, here is the best memory I could come up with.  Enjoy!
what i'm wearing....maxi dress: walmart ($16!!!) and it's SO cozy
Hope you guys have an AMAZING weekend spent resting and enjoying your loved ones!xoxo

© 2012 "Le Musings of Moi"
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