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what i wore on the mommalogues

Posted Jul 02 2012 11:37am
I suppose this is now becoming a Monday post....

I blame summer vacation.  
As I am blaming everything on.
My kids are just ALWAYS around.  And while I love it on Monday' Friday's??mmmmm...let's just say, I'm ready for daddy to come home. are the deets on last weeks Mommalogues: {click the links to see the videos or check out the plug in on the right hand sidebar!}
What's your bathing suit style? My bathing suit style all depends on the people I’m around and the body I’m dealing with at the moment.  Way back in the day, I would happily trot around in a two peice bikini and think nothing of it.  Now, two kids and a winter of good food later, there will be no chance of a bikini happening this summer.  In fact, just last week I decided it was time to purchase my first adult bathing suit.  And it’s not the adult kind you’re probably thinking of… Time for a little show and tell.
what i'm wearing...sweatshirt:  Walmart (on clearance section last year. it has a cord through the hood and into the pocket for your iphone/ipod.  amaze.}top: dkny, Goodwill necklace:  Jennifer Zeuner bathing suits: bikini, Target . piece, Retro Dress  ...skirted suit, Walmart
How do you avoid getting caught in a style rut? I really don’t see anything wrong with style ruts.  I mean, what’s so wrong with wanting to wear flowy pants and your husbands old white v-necks without a bra every day??  Can I get an amen?  Mama Kat?  Anyone??  Okay, so when I really need ideas to put me past the usual go to boho type outfits I tend to gravitate towards….I visit my fave fashion blogs or duh…Pinterest.  I love seeing how real women style their clothes on a real budget.
what i'm vintage from Salvation Army necklace:  Jennifer Zeuner
If my husband was a stay at home dad.... Can I just say, this is a dream of mine??  That Jimmy could find a way to get me a job making his salary so that he could stay home and raise the kids.  (even though I’ve already done the hard part, being that they’re almost 4 and 7!)  But, alas writing doesn’t pay all the bills, and so off he goes and here I stay.  But, if he did stay home….I think he’d love it and brag about how amazing he was for the first week or two, and then I’d slowly watch him morph into a male version of me.  It’d look a little like this….
what i'm  Tj Maxx necklace:  World Market
Who in your family can you count on to make you laugh the most? My family is funny mostly when they don’t mean to be.  Taylor says the most random off the wall things that totally crack me up.  Chloe likes to shake her booty on or near any pole she can find, and while that might concern some parents, at the moment it simply makes me laugh.  And then there’s Jimmy.  Oh Jimmy.  When he “dances” (that’s what he calls it) there isn’t a single person who can choke back the laughter.  And I think he’s ready to make his grande debut here on the SheKnows Mommalogues.{the video before editing was MUCH funnier...they cut out all the good stuff.  sigh.}

what they're wearing...No idea, but usually my boys shop at Ross and TJ Maxx , so it a good bet it's all from there.
This week is crazy.Articles due.Finally getting certified in Zumba...and helping to teach 3 classes for practice...Family and friends coming to town...Summer Vacation...{did i already mention that?}
Yet, my goal is to blog at LEAST three times.Baby steps.
© 2012 "Le Musings of Moi"
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