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what i wore on the mommalogues & blogher '12

Posted Jul 28 2012 1:58am
Better late than never....right??

To see the videos check out the plug-in on the right hand sidebar or visit SheKnows  Mommalogues  where you can even leave comments!!!
{remember those things?  comments?  how i miss thee...}
In ten years from now, what can you count on? Oh my goodness, I can’t even begin to think about “in ten years!”  I can barely handle what might happen in 10 weeks!!!  One thing I do know for sure though, is that my kids will be teenagers (yay!), and most likely we won’t have a dog anymore. (God rest her soul whenever that may be)  Other than that, I think I prefer to think more in 10 minute increments because that’s about all my sensitive soul can take.
what i'm platos closet
Which celeb would you most want to sit next to on a plane and why? Oh this one is super easy, and of course being the deep girl that I am, I would pick someone absolutely not based on looks, despite what my husband may think.  And actually, when he heard what I was going outside to film about (I hadn’t told him my answer), suddenly there he was around the corner, spying on me!!!  Watch and see why he’s just a tad jealous of my dreamy choice of an airplane buddy.
what i'm thrift storejacket: tj maxx sunnies: forever 21 necklace: discovered in tiny little boutique and i had to have it. it reminds me of my dad.  it reminds of my best friends.  and it reminds me of my true anchor, the Lord.
What's the perfect summertime girls night out? My GNO’s are so few and far between that I don’t even know what the plan should be, period.  But, during the summer I imagine something relaxing, where we can kick back, laugh and just enjoy the incredible weather.  And since I’m such a simple girl who likes simple things, I’d say maybe just something like a private yacht with a personal chef?
what i'm wearing...sweatshirt: ross
What is the one thing you do for yourself every week?  Every day? Of course, my first initial answer to this would be shopping.  I love love love to shop for myself by myself every single day of every week.  It just makes me soooo happy, there really aren’t words for it.  But since that’s not preferable so much by my husband, I’d have to go with Zumba.  Having just become an instructor (yes, I know I’m white!), I’m absolutely hooked.  It’s like having a dance party every day of the week and getting paid to do it.  Okay.  That sounded bad.  It’s not that kind of dance party.
what i'm wearing...tunic: platos closet

August is my month, I just know it.I'm planning to give myself time to breathe, and rest and enjoy my family before school starts again.  {yeeeeeee!!!!}
Part of my breathing time includes giving more attention to my blog.My little happy place.My place to be free and to be me.
I will be here A LOT more next month, and I can't wait.
Also?  I'll be at BlogHer in NY.  You??
© 2012 "Le Musings of Moi"
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