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What Does Your Perfect Wardrobe Look Like?

Posted Jan 08 2011 7:04pm

Have you ever thought about what your perfect wardrobe would look like? I have and I feel that, after years of shopping and planning, I'm very close to achieving it. But many women never have the opportunity to experience their perfect wardrobe. It's not that it's out of their reach, but simply because they haven't defined what it looks like.

Most women are not taught how to build a wardrobe. Often we just hit the shops in search of inspiration and wind up purchasing the first thing that we like, regardless if it's a good match for us. It may seem odd to hear that many of my clients who really do not like to shop have come the closest to building their perfect wardrobes. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that a lack of shopping will result in a closet filled with your ideal items. But for my clients who either don't like shopping or don't have the time for it, they understand the importance of having the right pieces that work for them and they can avoid those last minute shopping trips because they plan in advance.

Let's talk for a minute about what your perfect wardrobe looks like. Sure, it's going to be different from mine or from your best friend's. But there will be certain common elements that will carry you through right in style. First, it will probably contain versatile pieces that can take you through a season (and sometimes through the year). Second, imagine it filled with pieces that mix and match, based on a strategy that will support in getting dressed quickly and easily time and again. And third, envision it filled with items that you just can't wait to wear! Getting dressed becomes a joy and something that you even find yourself looking forward to. Sound too good to be true? Read on!

Now don't get me wrong - I'm not saying that to have the perfect wardrobe you must NOT shop. Quite the contrary. But this time of year when the sale season begins, I want to give you a few guidelines to help you add in the pieces that you truly need! To build your perfect wardrobe, here are some things to think about
1/ Does it Feel Good? If your ideal outfit is yoga pants and a tank, yet you must wear suits to work, there's gonna be a problem. But take cues from your preferences and find suits that have some stretch and even incorporate some knit elements for comfort. Wearing clothes that feel good is a must!

2/ Does it Work for Your Lifestyle? You may find the most gorgeous formal dress on sale and absolutely love it. But if you haven't worn anything formal for the past 10 years, chances are it will just take up space (and whittle down your budget). Skip it and opt for items you can wear day in and day out and dress up or down for maximum versatility.

3/ Does it Make You Feel More Like You? When you get dressed you want to feel more like yourself, not like the saleswoman who sold it to you, your mother or your daughter. Ask yourself this question before you take the item home.

4/ Does it Flatter Your Body? I know I'm guilty of having bought items in the past that were a particular designer or were such a great deal but, in all honestly, really were not cut for my curves. Guess what happened to them! They never made it out of the house. This is money down the drain right here, ladies. And please don't buy anything to wear AFTER you lose those 5 or 10 pounds. It's simply self-sabotage! Dress for who you are right now and feel fabulous!

5/ Does it Make You Look Great? Ok, so it fits you and plays up your curves. But is the color right? Are the details well-placed to create balance? What will you wear it with?

Your Assignment: Take stock of your wardrobe and what you really need. Then begin adding in one piece at a time, seeing how many outfits you can make using each item. When you're discerning in the fitting room you'll reap the rewards for years to come.

Bonus: Take pictures (Polaroids work great here, but digital are fine too) to capture the looks and give you inspiration on those days you need it.
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