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What Does Summer Look Like To You?

Posted Jun 21 2011 9:06pm
Well, living in the south summers are very hot and humid. So summer to me means...
  1. Trips to the beach!
  2. Field trips that are planned so when you get sweaty outside you can go indoors with     air conditioning and still explore the location you are visiting ;o)
  3. Tank tops
  4. No socks to wash!!!!!,
  5. my sandals!
  6. Swimming
  7. Extra deodorant..haha..
  8. Vacation
  9. Relaxing
10. Washing the dogs outdoors
11. Grilling out
12. Sunscreen
13. Bothersome bugs
14. Air conditioning
15. Lots and lots of water
16. Nothing on tv
17. Praying for rain
18. Lemonade
19. Perfect time to move
20. Wishing Fall would come!
This list can go on and on...What does summer mean to you?

This pic was taken at Virginia Beach in May...tried so hard to get a pic with everyone looking...but..tons of people waiting for their turn to get a pic in front of you get what you get...I got mine...but my youngest saw the playground is was jumping up to go play..and my daughter was flinging the hair out of her real shots, don't you....haha....
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