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what does a black cycle on a sonar scan mean

Posted by confused

I'm absolutly confused and my doc is useless and I'm not being ugly but he can't even answer my questions I had a 4 day late period so went 2 c my doc he did a sonar scan and all he said is that my womb is swollen and had 2 come back in 2weeks time. 5 days after my miss period I started bleeding but pink for 2 days a pad a day then I spotted brown for about another 4 days but only when I wiped. Had white discharge aswell for a while am I preg? Yes I do have preg syntoms dizzyness breast sore for about a week now and headacs I haven't had any stress at all. I went for my second sonar scan monday and what I saw was a black big ring and a small dot in it what does that mean my doc never told me.
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