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What Do You Post When Your Life is Un-postable?

Posted Jan 19 2010 12:00am

A word to the young, to those who have little ones at home, to those pregnant or contemplating pregnancy, to those despairing of successful potty training, wracked with guilt over disposable diapers, fed up with jars of baby food, annoyed at addition or frustrated with training wheels...

Eventually, you will get to the teenage time frame. And you will regret every minute that you wasted on being upset about those issues, for many enormous, life changing events will happen. Events that will color the very fabric of the next several years of the family, will conspire to keep you up at night, frustrated and maybe even in some tears.

And unable to blog. Unable to use your outlet as you have in the past - mind full of blog constipation due to privacy issues. I WISH I could have all of that time back. I wasted worrying about cloth vs. paper diapers, co sleeping vs. crib, public vs. private, Graco car seat vs. Britax. I could use some of that focus now.

That's where I've been. Full of Unbloggable drama - the unbearable lightness of being the Mom to the Screaming Masses.

SO. in order to deal with that, let's move to a very girly topic - one near and dear to my heart - one that I saw on Blogher this week and it brought me slam up next to the fact that I clearly need to do it.

Let's talk MAKE UP. And what's in your makeup bag. And mine.

PLEASE - take my mind from the drama.


From Left to Right we have the following products, in the order that I use them:

Smashbox Under EyeConcealer, Smashbox Color Correct Primer, Nars Lightening Serum, Nars Santa Fe Foundation, Nars Orgasm Cream Blush, Nars Super Orgasm Powder Blush, CoverGirl black Eyeliner, CoverGirl Black Mascara, Estee Lauder Crystal Rose Lipstick.I don't wear all of these every day - but if I do, it takes me about five minutes to apply it. Most days, I just wear eyeliner and mascara. Nothing else. Wait - about a billion times a day I apply some of a green tube of Giving Earth Vanilla Mint lip balm. I have, no lie, a dozen tubes of it around. In my pants pocket, in the van, the back of my bed, my pocket book, my boxing bag. All day long. I'm a bona fide addict.

I just spent an hour cleaning out the eyeshadow that I never use, the colored eyeliner that I never ever chose - I always wear black, the 12 different lipsticks that I tried and ultimately discarded, the lipliner that I avoid, the different mascaras that I have tried and not been happy with. There were five mascaras in that pile. I tossed the bronzers, the lightening powder, the every other product that was in the makeup bag and in the drawer.

What about you? Do you need to clean out your makeup drawer or bag? What products do you love and will you never ever get rid of? How many things did you discard? Or do you have a problem that you need space from? Share it - I need to think on something other than my own stuff right now.

Oh, and my van had to be towed away yesterday.

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