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What can I do if my child is a bully?

Posted by Be Well

What can I do if my child is a bully?
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It is very upsetting and embarrassing to discover your child is being a bully but it is important to remember not to get angry with your child.

Talk to your son or daughter calmly and find out why they are making other children unhappy. Let them know that you find it unacceptable and you want them to stop.

Set clear rules on what you consider acceptable behavior and explain what will happen if they break those rules - such as, loss of pocket money, or not being able to play their favorite video game.

When your child is being nice and friendly to other people, say how happy you are with their behavior.

Take a good look at your home life to see whether other family members use aggression or bullying tactics to get what they want. If this is the case, try and discourage their behavior too.

It is possible that your child's behavior is a result of some other problem, such as stress, anxiety, jealousy of a brother or sister, or being frustrated at school. Make an effort to spend time with your child so you can listen to any concerns they may have.

Encourage your child to develop other ways of coping with anger, such as counting to ten, or walking away from the situation.

You could also speak to their school to see what you and they can do to stop your child bullying others. If your child is part of a larger 'bully' gang, try to help your child develop new interests and friends away from the gang.

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