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What an uncivilized bunch of people

Posted Feb 14 2012 1:41am

Just as I wrote about reason quitting a job, last night, in a very unplanned and impromptu state, I resigned from a volunteer job that I held since Oct last year.

Well, it is for the residence committee in my neighborhood. My neighborhood is a strata titled neighborhood, in the Deed of Mutual Covenant, it is clearly stated no pets are allowed. But we have an increasing number of dogs in our neighborhood, which most of us just keep a one-eye-close attitude on them, until mid last year where something happened.

A neighbor started to have issue, great issue, with his neighbor’s dog, and then his anger has channeled to all dog owners in the whole neighborhood. He stalked them, took photos of their dogs, and then keep sending in complaint letters to DBKL with evidences that he collected.

He kept bugging the authority until they visited one day to give out summon and ordered the dogs to be removed.

From then, the war began. Dog owners reacted, and there was an AGM, which they have worked together so hard to rally for votes to allow dog’s rules to be changed.

Where I stand? I am in the ‘opposition’ of them. I was grabbed in, nominated, and became part of the committee members, which was outnumbered by ‘them’.

Actually I just wanted peace, was trying to be a peace maker between the two parties, but inevitably I am in the opposition party due to legality stance. I just cannot support something that is illegal, against the by-law of DBKL.

Anyway, to cut the story short, although we are in the minority group in the committee, we managed to hold them until now, they couldn’t just change the house rules like that, due to our persistence in getting things legalized. I could sense the frustrations in them, and increasing rudeness from them.

Then… last night’s meeting has reached my final limit. The chairman BANGED the table. Not only that he banged, he banged it twice. Because one of my comrade asked a simple question, very politely: “May I know who have you spoken to in DBKL, to get the record straight?”

He didn’t even want to let other speaks, or even ask questions. He just banged the table. He thinks he is a hero by doing that, but I look really lowly at his behavior.

Finally, I resigned. I went in to serve, not to fight like uncivilized people. No point talking to people who don’t listen and rude. Honestly, I feel my safety is being threatened in that situation. Not worth working with people like that.

Big bully. What a shame we have such person as our chairman. Siasui.

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