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What’s the value of your blog - again!

Posted Jun 18 2008 7:09pm

Alright, I wrote about this yesterday, about these 2 tools that I used toestimate the value of my blog:

-Business Opportunities (Technorati based)

-My Blog Value

After sharing the tools with everyone, some readers left their comments here, saying that their results show very high value (over a million), whilst some are new and not monetized yet.

Out of curiosity, I tested their sites using the first tool, one with a result of $0, another with a result of $22k. None actually closed to a million.

Then I took the second test again, assuming I’ve just started a blog and new in the ‘business’. This is what I got!!!


How muchmoneyis your blog worth?

Now, let’s look at how I answered the questions:

1. How old is your blog?

1 year old or less

2. How many good quality incoming links do you have?


3. What is your blog’s Pagerank?

PR2 or less

4. Is your blog considered an authority in your niche?

It’s a new blog

5. What revenue does your blog generate per month?


(assuming I write 10 sponsored posts each worth $5)

6. How many visitors do you have a month?


7. How many RSS subscribers do you have?


(assuming at least my best friends and family subscribed)

8. How much do you think your blog will grow in readership in the next 12 months?


(assumption of 1k per month should be pretty achievable for a new blog)

9. How many comments do your blog posts receive?


10. Is your blog hosted on your own domain? (.com, .org, .net)

Yes, it is my own domain

11. Is your domain a .biz or .info?


12. Have you included your blog in the major blog directories?


13. How often do you blog?

Several times a week

14. Are you part of a blog network?


15. What is the Alexa ranking of your blog?


16. How competitive is your URL?

It doesn’t mean anything

17. How much business can your blog generate per month outside direct advertising?


18. How well are you monetising your site?


19. What industry does your blog operate in?

Everything else


I experimented the above with 1 change — the estimated readership growth. Changed it to 1,200 then the blog worth only 12k. Just 1 parameter changes everything.

Ya, of course, this is forFUNonly. It is not an accurate estimation. Otherwise I won’t have this topic to blog about. Hahahaha!

I think it measures POTENTIAL of a blog instead of current value only. So, a new blog but with such a high growth rate/potential, currently earning $50 ‘only’ can worth a lot when it is fully developed!;)

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