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Wellesse Liquid Vitamin D3 review

Posted Apr 17 2009 12:43am
Information about this product from the Wellesse website:
Wellesse Liquid Vitamin D 3 is like liquid sunshine in a bottle. It's a great tasting dietary supplement in a fast absorbing liquid formulation that's easily taken by the whole family. Vitamin D helps to proactively support a healthy immune system by aiding in the body's natural defenses against illness and helps promote bone, teeth, breast and colon health.†
Vitamin D may be especially helpful for those with limited sun exposure or dark skin, as well as older adults. Wellesse Vitamin D 3 liquid is the natural choice for the whole family, ages 4 and up. It's perfect for young children and teenagers who do not like to swallow pills.
Why is Vitamin D important? Here is some information from the sponsor...

New research has revealed that as many as 50% of Americans are not getting enough vitamin D. It is very difficult to get enough from diet alone unless you eat a lot of fish such as salmon, sardines, mackerel or herring or take cod liver oil. Vitamin D plays many crucial roles in our bodies: it helps promote calcium absorption for bone and teeth health and helps regulate white blood cells for immune system support. Absorbing enough vitamin D from sun alone may be difficult especially if you have darker skin, are older, live in a northern climate, wear sunscreen, work or stay indoors, are obese, or have trouble absorbing fats. People who have a healthy lifestyle, but avoid or limit their dairy intake (such as vegetarians) may also not be getting enough vitamin D.

- A study reported on March 16 at the American Heart Association's annual meeting showed that teens with high intakes of vitamin D may have lower overall body fat and lower amounts of abdominal fat.

- The American Academy of Pediatrics raised the Recommended Daily Intake for children from 200 to 400 units in November.

-In December, The American Dermatology Association issued a position statement recommending fortified foods and supplements as the preferred vitamin D source, instead of unprotected sun exposure.

-A study conducted at the University of Southern California showed a correlation between low vitamin D levels and stunted growth and weight gain in girls.


My two sons and I have been taking Wellesse Liquid Vitamin D3 for the past two weeks and I think it is an excellent product. I found Wellesse super easy to give to my kids- my boys are 5 and almost 7 and I just put their daily dose in their juice and they never even noticed. Not once. Which is perfect for me! I found the flavour not bad but I also preferred to mix it with juice. One bottle (16 fl oz) is enough for a 48 day supply for one adult which makes Wellesse a great deal at under $10 per bottle!

The Wellesse website has a ton of great information on it. You can read lots of articles on Vitamin D including one on why kids need Vitamin D. They also offer several other products such as Joint Movement Liquied Glucosamine, Liquid Calcium and Vitamin D3, and ALL DAY Energy Liquid Energy Shots. You can also read their blog HERE.

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