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Well-rested Wednesday Recap

Posted May 05 2011 12:32pm
I had planned on blogging last night after we came home from our dinner/dessert/mother's day shopping adventure.  Too bad I fell asleep. At 9PM. Fully clothed. And slept like that until 4AM.  I was only slightly angry when I woke up, but that just might be because I was cold and really uncomfortable in my jeans. 

We enjoyed matching smoothies for lunch. They might not look too great, but they were really good.  Munchkin even came back for seconds.  I combined two frozen bananas, a handful of spinach, blueberries, blackberries and grapes.  Next time I'd skip the grapes because the skins didn't blend too well making it a little chunky for my taste.

Yes, I am enjoying my new tumbler. Thanks for asking.

I got some exercise in while munchkin napped.  I also got some studying in while riding on my lovely exercise bike.  I never really liked it and preferred my elliptical over it any day, but it really came  in handy during these finals.  I can't really read while on the elliptical, its a bit too bouncy.  

I know you love the laundry waiting to be washed in the left corner ;)

We kinda did everything backwards yesterday.  We started with dessert.  We used the Groupon that I bought for Oko frozen yogurt .  It was super good.  I am a huuge fan of soft-serve ice cream and this totally tasted just like ice cream.  It's actually made out of Greek yogurt which makes it even better for you than regular frozen yogurt.  I got a vanilla with rainbow sprinkles, strawberries and granola while the boyfriend got a pomegranate milk shake.  We both shared with munchkin who enjoyed it as much as we did.  We will definitely we going back! I also like that everything there is eco-friendly.  From the containers in which they serve the yogurt to the whole decor of the place. 

Next we headed to Barnes and Noble.  I love bookstores and could spend hours in there walking around, looking at different books and spending more money than I should.  I bought a crockpot recipe book, Best-Loved Slow Cooker Recipes and I can't wait to try some of them out.  I was super excited to see that you can bake cakes in the slow cooker!!


I also got my mom a Healthy-Living cookbook because she's been on a health kick lately and is trying to lose weight.  She's also a big fan of trying out new recipes and gets bored easily with eating the same stuff over and over, like I do.  I also got her a new phone book, because as the boyfriend put it, she's still in 1995 and doesn't use her cell phone like everyone else. ;)

After shopping, we finally got around to dinner which no surprise was sushi.  We started with edamame and miso soup, which munchkin spilled onto the floor. [Oh the joys of dining out with kids!] Then I had an eel avocado, spicy yellow tail jalapeno and Alaska rolls which where tasty like always.

Edamame, half eaten.

Forgot to take a pic before I started eating!
Now I'm going to run to the supermarket.  I really want to make something Mexican for lunch! Happy Cinco de Mayo!
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