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Well, I never…

Posted Nov 08 2013 10:25am

Yesterday I went to a seminar on ethics, and at one point in the program we were supposed to write down something we would NEVER do.

This really made me uncomfortable, because if there’s one thing I’ve learned about parenting in the past nine and a half years, it’s to never say never. It made me think about all the things I would have been horrified (or at least very judgmental!) by years ago that don’t seem like a big deal to me now.

I’d like to go back in time and tell inexperienced-parent me to calm the heck down, that sometime in the not-so-distant future…

– I’d feed Sam full-sugar birthday cake on his first birthday (my apologies to Kate for making her eat cream cheese on whole wheat toast on her big day).
– Sam would suck his thumb at age five, and I would not do anything to stop it. (It’s comforting to him! And it’s really stinking cute.)
– My kids would drink pop on occasion, like on Sundays at great-grandma’s house.
– I’d let Kate pick out her own clothes starting in kindergarten, and she’d go to school in some very interesting attire.
– Sam would sleep in our bed pretty much every night.
– We’d secretly be just fine with Sam sleeping in our bed pretty much every night.

I’m sure there’s more, but that’s what I’ve come up with so far. What things did you say you’d never ever do?

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