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Well, I guess the five brownies ...

Posted May 07 2009 9:23pm
Well, I guess the five brownies did the trick because I passed the glucose tolerance test this morning. Not only did I pass, but I passed with FLYING COLORS. I ate an egg and an english muffin this morning as well because I was just too hungry to wait until afterwards - I didn't have to fast but thought, hmm, maybe fasting will help? However, my appetite which had been lost for the past 28 weeks has returned in week 29 with a vengeance and nothing edible in my path is safe.

I am not sure how this bodes for the overall weight gain. Not well, I suppose.

So, other than that, my appointment was fine and uneventful, I had some additional bloodwork done, scheduled my next (and hopefully last) level II ultrasound and also, the remainder of my appointments until I deliver. If that's not a wakeup call that I'm having a baby soon, I don't know what is.

Also we are moving in three weeks. Three. Weeks. From. Tomorrow.

I am 100% unprepared for the move as we speak, but like I said earlier, we are devoting the weekend prior to the move to pack up as much as we can and we'll go from there. If all goes well, we'll have two weeks between our move and closing on this house, so hopefully we can get the majority of our stuff moved and take care of little things over the course of those two weeks.

And then we will be on to the business of preparing for baby.

I think it's time to eat again.
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