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Welcoming 2013 With A Super Positive Vibe!

Posted Jan 10 2013 10:42pm

There is so much that I want to write.. so many things happened the past few weeks, I may say, last year. Too many that it left with no energy to blog about it! That’s the irony of blogging, you have all the time in the world to blog but nothing to blog about or having so many things to blog about but no time to write about it.. haays.. but hey I am not complaining.. 2012 was a blast.. It ended with so much blessings and 2013 said hello with so many promises. I am overwhelmed with it!

Let’s pick up where I left you..

Ah, the world of dough ! I haven’t gotten into that world yet.. but tried my new oven with lasagna.. the first one, palpak! The second try, good enough, but still not how I want it to taste.. 3rd try maybe. And when my lasagna is perfect, I will try Macaroni and Four Cheese Bake. Recipe can be found at Nestle Cream Fanpage or you can refer to this photo:  

I realized recipe cards are better than than recipe books.. It makes things less complicated (well to me) and I am glad Nestle Cream released a lot of recipe cards last year (just in time for the holiday and post Holiday cooking).

I got my oven from Quiapo, and I know you’ve been itching to tell me: What? dinayo mo ang Quiapo just to buy an oven? Well, I do that all the time.. even though I am from Pasig, Quiapo and Divisoria are my playgrounds. But no.. that day, hindi ko naman dinayo ang Quiapo for oven alone.. we bought the kids early Christmas presents around that area. Bikes that is! It would have been easier and more convenient to just buy bikes at department stores or small bike stores devah? But for FOUR kids? hassle sa bulsa mga teh. We have to look for cheap but quality bikes. And Quiapo is the answer! Along Quezon Blvd, you can find a lot of bike stores. There’s two that stands out: Cycle Art Marketing and Global Craze Bikes (separate post na lang kung bakit ha.. masyado hahaba ang blog post na itetch.. pati ang mag presyo ng bisikleta, utang muna).

And the Christmas present is done.. uh oh, that’s what I thought..

A few days before Christmas, someone left me at Toys R Us with a few thousand on hand.. and what happened next? another set of Christmas presents for the kids! Argh! Please don’t do that to me again.. wag mo na ako pawalan sa Toys R US!  But you know what, that’s one of the most fulfilling shopping spree I did. Mangiyak, ngiyak pa ako while shopping. Kase naman, I got them the toys they have been asking for a very very long already and I have been denying it to them. I am not a fan of toys guns eh.. but realized that my 2 boys are old enough for it.. so I said yes to NERF! Buti na lang sale! And the piece I got is super duper cool! It can be used/ played 4 ways. From 1500 each, I got it for 800 each. The one I got for my third boy is a xylophone, he’s been asking for it for a long time too, never had the chance to look for one though. For the little girl, a play pretend cake set.

Teary eyed talaga ako while paying for it, I can just imagine their happiness as they open their gifts. Ang saya lang! And indeed, after feasting with our Noche Buena food, and after their street Christmas Party (yes they had their party during Noche Buena).. the house was filled with screams and I love yous and thank you mommy and daddy for almost a minute. Awwwww.. that’s what you call a perfect Christmas! (un lang nabura ng magaling ko jowa ang mga pictures!) their smiles would be forever in our hearts..

Days before the year ends.. I am at peace. And with a realization that my life is nothing close to being perfect but I am so blessed so I should never ever entertain negative thoughts.. I am not giving myself a right for nega vibes. As I have said, 2012 ended with a blessings.. too much that I lost count. The last few days of 2012 to me, is nothing but pure happiness and LOVE (yes double meaning yan! LOVE LOVE LOVE! hurrah for the BEST Husband!). Haaaaays 2012…. thank you!

Say hello to 2013! New Year’s Resolution? oh yes, be more positive and spend more time with my kids.

Hopefully I can make a best of 2012 before January ends! 

And oh stay tune for my New Year, New You giveaway anytime next week :)  

In fairness ha, I missed doing this :)  

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