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Welcome to Sunday Arvo at our Place

Posted Dec 23 2008 9:34pm
I work most Sundays to allow the luxury of the Friday Mummy Daze to occur. So I toddle off to work this morning - not so happy. It is an amazing spring day and I would really just like to stay home - period. Not just this Sunday but just stay home period.

So anyways I come in around 4.30pm and a world of life has happened in my absence - as it should ....

Firstly to DB .... he meets me like a 12 month old puppy would, rushing up the drive, headlong hug into thighs. He then proceeds to talk double quick and invite me down to his place for Cinmin pie ...

This is three year old speak for Cinnamon Pie ... goodness knows what that is ... not something you would find in our house - must be a TV thing ..

For the record the product placement - toblerone - is a craft spaceship made from the cardboard recycle bag from nana's house ... if you haven't got the message the boys and MIC are all gluten free kids and we do 'no sugar' as a survival mechanism - makes DB itch like an insane person and causes FB to go feral.

Then we have FB and the excited pitch "mum I've plated my corn". Seems some popping corn - unpoped - had made its way thru the deck and had sprouted in the sand pit. FB is ever so thrilled to have his first pots of corn underway - a country kid at heart I think stuck in a suburban world for now.

And finally there is 'don't take my picture for your blog' MIC ...
Too late honey bunny ... here he is excelling at the very non domestic task of paving. While MIC does dishes with no gay abandonment he will pave, paint, fix anything, build and garden with a joy second to none.

To close ... the place where all thisexcitement took hold .. the back yard.

The back yard is an Aussie institution ... and I have always felt at home in institutions ... Until next Sunday ... enjoy yours and plant some corn.

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