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weighing in on weighing, day 11!

Posted Jan 11 2011 11:05pm
Today was amazing.
Choco-blueberry pudding day!!!
So sweet, so yummy, so right on time for my tastebuds.

Also yummy?The salmon omelet this morning.And of course, I went to Bethany's because she is the professional.
Isn't she gorgeous?
So this morning over breakfast, we got on the topic of weighing ourselves.  Especially since Tracy just made the comment on Laura Bermens show that we should be weighing ourselves every day.
Bethany was telling me that in the beginning of this diet, (she's doing the diet by the rules too, but has only been doing the workout every other day), she was weighing in every day and it was definitely motivating and exciting to see the numbers drop.
But then they started to stay the same, and because some of us girls aren't so secure with the scale, her motivation dropped....and her thought process became,"WHAT?!?  No drop?  After all this big of a change in my eating, and nothing?!?  What am I doing all this for then?!?"Whereas, if she had ignored the scale and simply paid attention to the change in the mirror, she would have been happy as a clam and motivated beyond belief.
I don't mean to make this my soapbox or go against what Tracy has said, (she has her reasons, I'm sure), but I just feel that everything should be in moderation. 
Once again I'll say, if you can handle the scale every day WITHOUT dread, WITHOUT obsessing the rest of the day, WITHOUT having it determine your happiness, then by all means...  Weigh away.
But, if you're not there yet in your strength, then you need to do what is best for you.  Once a week, once a month, never.....whatever it may be, DO WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU!
Most of you know my story , my struggles , and how when I began to let go of the numbers , I finally found some healing and strength.  I'm telling you, it was LIFE CHANGING for me.  Hence, the soapbox.
Bethany asked if I was going to weigh in when the 30 days were up, and honestly I didn't know the answer.
My fear is that I'll look in the mirror, or try on my clothes and be totally happy and satisfied....but then what happens if I stand on the scale and it doesn't flash the number that in my head means total safety, security & happiness?  Will I then think, "Are you kidding me?  30 days of boot camp and I'm not even at my goal weight?!?  What did I do all that for then?"  
And then what happens after those thoughts?
A pizza and some chocolate for comfort, that's what happens.
A lot of last night my heart felt a bit heavy and I couldn't quite figure out why....but then as my thoughts drifted to a year ago, of how much of my thought life was spent obsessing over numbers and body shape, and how much that took away from family, friends, life, and improving it....I then realized where the yuck feeling was coming from.
I have to be careful not to allow dieting, getting into shape, having a "perfect" body, and all that comes with it, to become a little mini god.  There is SO much more to life.So much more that my thoughts and hearts should be focused on.

I honestly believe God really put all of that on my heart last night, to remind me.Of where I've been, and what I'm striving for.

All in all, I felt Him reminding me not to forget that when I get to heaven one day, He won't be asking me what I weighed. He'll be asking what it was I did for Him.
Okay then...Sermon over.My goodness.
~30 day method update~
Menu:Today's menu was absolutely delightful, from beginning to end....I wasn't ever hungry, and I absolutely loved every bite.{that salad with cranberries, oh. my. word.}At this point, I guess I don't need to keep saying I haven't cheated, maybe instead I'll share if I do cheat.  Which just won't happen. I have NO doubts about that anymore.
Workout:Today was the first day of the second sequence, which was super fun.  It took a bit longer because I wanted to watch every movement of hers to make sure I was doing it in proper form.  I decided to do 30 reps of everything today, which wasn't too hard (although my muscles felt exhausted later in the day!), so tomorrow I will be upping it to 35.  As for the arms, I did 7 minutes to my own music, which I'm finding is the most fun for me.
But when it came to cardio, today was the first day where it just wasn't happening for me.  My left shin, along the inside of it, is still hurting...(guess my air max's aren't so amazing for shin splints after all)...I started with 5 minutes on the trampoline, and didn't have an ounce of umph.  Then I put on the book cardio for five minutes....still nothing.  So I thought I would try to go outside and "treadmill dance" in my driveway.  Nope, nada, nothing.  Finally I decided to take a break and come back to it later.  
After I ate lunch and picked up Tay from school, I had a new found energy.  I think it also helped to vent to Bethany about the mama issues re: jumping (so not cool!), and then of course the quick call to Jimmy where he told me i couldn't fail now, was all I needed to get home and get busy.
So, I turned on Novaspace on Pandora, and followed along with Tracy on the trampoline.I know that she recommends dancing above any other cardio, but until my shin heals, that just isn't an option.
Not too excited about roasted root vegetables and ginger carrot soup the next two days for lunch, but what can ya do?Hold onto the memory of choc-blueberry pudding that's what.
Day 11, DONE!
© 2010 "Le Musings of Moi"
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