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Weekend Unwind | Tired All the Time

Posted Oct 10 2009 10:00pm

It is the weekend and time to unwind, relieve some stress and discuss the past week. So grab a cup of coffee and join us here at Healthy Moms. What were some of the positive things that happened? What really bothered you? Did you laugh? Cry? Stand on your head? Whatever you did this past week I want to hear it. Writing down all the crazy things that happened over the past week is a good way to deal with stress. As our lives get busier and busier along with it is stress. It is time to let it all out so you can enjoy your weekend. If you don't have time to write all about your week just answer the Weekend Unwind question found at the bottom of this article. Grab the button code, make your blog post and don't forget to leave your link with MckLinky.

The results are in. I am in good health. My iron count is fine, my thyroid is fine and based on the blood tests I should have energy. But still every day I feel like I could sleep for hours. The housework is piling up, I am falling behind on my blog and the kids are getting into everything.

Do you feel like you could sleep all day long? In my recent article about controlling fatigue after having a baby I discussed napping while the baby is sleeping. I try to do this but I also have two other small children so if they are not sleeping then Mommy doesn't get the extra sleep either. I go to bed at a decent hour and get about 6-8 hours of sleep every night, sometimes more, but that still doesn't help either.

I have concluded that my fatigue is due to depression. When you are depressed your body can have strange reactions. Some people have trouble sleeping or others like myself lack motivation to get out of bed and feel like they could sleep all day long.

I have a difficult time doing every day tasks like getting the dishes done, making the bed, picking up the kids toys and putting in a load of laundry. Some days I just collapse on the couch with the baby and that is where I stay for hours.

Depression can also have an impact on your family and those around you. On the days when I don't have the energy to play with my children they misbehave. Your kids can sense that something isn't right when you are depressed. They will act out to try to regain your attention. It doesn't matter if the attention is positive or negative. Any form of attention will do.

When you are depressed it may also have an impact on your marriage and sex life. You may not have a desire for sex anymore. Your partner may feel neglected.

The best treatment for depression is counseling and medication. I see a counselor once a week and am taking 50mg of Zoloft. Only time will tell if my energy is going to return. For now I am trying my best to make it through the day.

I apologize for not visiting all of your blogs on a regular basis. Hopefully my energy and motivation will return soon and I'll be back commenting on a regular basis.

Now for the Weekend Unwind question of the week. What tires you out the most? Work? Chasing after your kids? Your spouse? Something else?

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