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Weekend Classifieds: this blog kicks butt

Posted Apr 17 2009 11:15pm
eBay Inc.
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I went ebaying.

And I got TWO beautiful new OPI nail colors for under $16, including shipping!!   I figure if I put this in the weekend classifieds, and Mike doesn’t read it, then its not my fault he doesn’t know, right?  There’s a method to my madness, people.


ANNOUNCING: The Kick Butt Blog Award


About our first recipient: Heidi of Sacred and Profane
Here’s an excerpt of a post this week  from Heidi’s blog.  This cracks me up, as usual:

No one could do anything right tonight. And then? In the midst of it all? Rob (God love him) says - “Would it be beneficial for you if I were to just leave?” Oh my holy hannah….seriously???? I’m feeling surly, petulant and querulous and you think LEAVING is the best idea you can come up with?!?! Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Go directly to jail. (Uh, he reads my blog BTW and likely will NOT find this as amusing as some of you might. *ahem*) After that brilliant idea he says “Have you been more moody lately than normal?” What the Sam Hill?! Seriously? SERIOUSLY?!?!? Are you ASKING me if I’m getting my PERIOD?!?!? Am I on the RAG??? Did Aunt Flo come for a visit??? Is THAT what you want to know??? Thank the good Lord above he took one look at my face after asking thatenlightened question and decided not to ask anything further. (Wise move, kitten. *wink*)

She definitely kicks my butt in the humor department.  She keeps me on my toes, coming up with new content, AND just to show off, she also updates her blog regularly - what’s with that, anyway?  AND, just to be super-showy-offy she comments and visits on all her blogroll, regularly? Can you tell: I simply ADORE her!  Go read her blog!

And the winner receives some fancy new Pretty Pantaloons(or underwear, whatever you want to call them).  This is becoming a tradition around here - the pretty panty giveaways.   When i did a poll on this blog it was SHOCKING how many of us are still wearing maternity undies - years after having those babies!   I mean who cares? right?  Well, dear Mom, I care. And I’m going to start my own Pretty Pantaloons movement.

I am going to need your help!!!  If you have a suggestion for a Mommy Blogger who can seriously kick my tush with motivation, just email me to let me know the blog address.  I have pretty pantaloons to spare people!



Victoria's Secret
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And to celebrate, I’ll be putting up a pinata of sorts.  As long as you can call a  pretty panty prize draw a pinata.  Who doesn’t want to try for a pretty pink box with pink tissue paper and a little surprise something inside?

And for EVERYONE, I’ve made some goodie bags: here’s a peak of your free desktop download:


And to decorate the place, I expect y’all to be in your PJ’s.  And if you’re at work, I expect you to be thinking of being in your pj’s.  At least bring some slippers to wear, m’kay?  And for goodness sakes, don’t forget to enter the draw, y’all need some Victoria Secret pretty pantaloons!

Bring yummy snacks - if it MUST be chocolate, then it must be sugar-free variety.  But I’ll be using my greasy popcorn-laden fingers for typing.  Aren’t you glad you’re not my keyboard?  Oh!  And the recipe, I promised?  I’m SO going to tell you how to make microwave popcorn.  Yep.  Truly.  Oh my goodness, I must be tired, getting silly… finding myself toooo funny.  I don’t think I’m truly that funny, right?  I should probably sleep now.  ZZZZzzzzzz


Waaaa.  I AM that funny!!!!

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