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Posted Jan 10 2010 12:00am

Wednesday I'm having surgery. 

Boys, look away from this post, ok? Pretty please and thanks in advance. I appreciate it. 

Ladies, please to come below the fold and give a girl some advice.

About a year ago, my periods became intolerable. I didn't get cramps, exactly. What happened to me was that I had periods that were equal to opening the floodgates of hell. Without being too graphic, let's say that I never traveled without a change of underpants AND pants, a towel to sit on and a bar of soap and a towel for an emergency clean up. And I needed it, every single period. I never had a cycle, for the last year, that didn't require two showers a day. I avoided going places with my hubby or kids unless I had to, and didn't exercise for the first three days of each cycle except at home. Also, the cramps that I was having were weird - instead of back or pelvic cramps, I had shooting pains down the backs of my legs. 

When I miscarried in May, the next period was light, but the July and so on followed the former pattern. My midwife investigated with ultrasound, looking for fibroids and yadda yadda, but nothing - just the endometrial lining capable of supporting quadruplets at about 28 weeks. The weight of my uterus was causing the pains down my legs. So she suggested a Mirena. But the birth control pills I used to take cause my migraines to be both more ferocious and more prevalent, and I wasn't in for that at all. So she then suggested an ablation.

Which is scheduled for Wed. I am glad to have it done - so, so ready to be done with this mess and discomfort. I'm not looking forward to the surgery - I'm planning on waking at 5 for a 1:00 surgery, in order to have a cup of coffee - the surgeon said as long as it was 8 hours I'd be ok - and wearing a scopolamine patch behind my ear to hopefully avoid the tossing my cookies before surgery that I did when I had my inguinal hernia repaired two years ago. The recovery not supposed to be awful, but I'm not holding my breath. Of course she had to tell me all of the awful things that would happen and scare me silly.

What I want to know is, has anyone had this done, or know someone who has? Do you have good results to share?

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