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We’ve been spending an awf ...

Posted Oct 14 2009 10:04pm

We’ve been spending an awful lot of time in the back yard now that school is out.  Today we spend a good chunk of the afternoon there.  It was my four kids, my niece, my sister and her three kids and I.  Two adults, eight kids ages 1 to 11.

It’s not always easy finding fun things to do that make all ages present happy but today we did something that was fun for all: an obstacle course.

Here’s what they had to do:

Run around the blue bucket three times:

21.Jul.09 027

Hop over the mini picnic table:

21.Jul.09 037

Crawl under the chair and table, army style:

21.Jul.09 044

Drive the little red car around the giant ant hill:

21.Jul.09 045

Drive the dump truck from the purple bucket to the white bucket, get the basketball, put it in the dump truck:

21.Jul.09 048

Drive it back to the purple bucket and carefully place the basketball on the upside down bucket:

21.Jul.09 042

Dribble the soccer ball to the big digging pit and kick it in:

21.Jul.09 035

All the while, the peanut gallery watches and keeps track of everyone’s time with the kitchen timer, so that we can see who wins everyone can achieve a personal best:

21.Jul.09 034

Lots of summer fun!

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