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We LOVE The Dentist!

Posted Mar 31 2009 12:00am

I took the kiddos to the Dentist today. It was their 5th visit. Each time I have taken them, it's has gotten better and better. This time..... THE BEST!!! 

I was one proud and glowing mommy! They were on their best behavior every step of the way from the busy parking lot and holding hands, to sitting patiently in the chairs while I checked all four of them in, to using "quiet voices" while playing in the waiting room. They were even BIG KIDS and let the sweet tech take "pictures", x-rays of their teeth! 

When it came time for the teeth cleaning they didn't cry or wine, they each hopped in my lap and took a turn while the other three watched and cheered the current patient on! My heart was swollen with pride... I can't lie! They were sooooooo good and I could not stop saying "you are SO GROWN UP! I am SOOOO PROUD OF YOU!!!" 

All four kiddos left with a new tooth brush, fresh pack of floss and a clean bill of health. 

I can say, without a doubt, our kids LOVE the Dentist and can't wait to go back in September. 

"Mommy says the Dentist is FUN... I'm not so sure...?"
(L to R)
Ally, Russ, Molly and Libby
"Okay, this is actually a really cool place!"

Molly (always the leader of the pack) was the first in the chair! The other three kiddos, after hearing her praise, were anxious to take their turns. 

"Look at me mommy!!"
-Sweet Ally
-Shy Libby

"Wait, you don't want a picture of this mug - only the chops?  
What are you, nuts?"
-Big Man Russell

PROUD Mommy with Ally!

Of course, when we got home.. my luck ran out and I had four VERY TIRED peeps on my hands. I spent the rest of the afternoon fixing melt downs and getting my own dental exams! It was actually pretty funny. 

"Open wide mommy, you are a such a GOOD girl!" ...

According to Russ my pearly whites are looking mighty good! ;) 

Tonight the house is VERY quiet as they dream away in their beds. Hey, ya never know... we MAY have a future Dentist on our hands! 

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope your all having a GREAT week! 

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