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Ways To Be A Fun Stay At Home Mom

Posted Sep 25 2009 3:48am
As I have said before, being a Stay At Home Mom is not a blissful ride. It was bumpy and sometimes you go through downfalls and depressing state. I was able to pass those phase by having fun along the way. I have some doubtful moments with my motherhood but it was the laughter that brings back my trust on myself.

Here are some of the things that you can do to take that wrinkles away from you and be a fun stay at home mom:

Play with the kids. Yes, play with your kids. It's childish and it's fun. It takes the barrier between parent and offspring and yet it build a greater kind of bonding. It can make you younger too and laughter can keep that frown wrinkles away. The best time to play with them is before they go to bed. Bedroom is cozy and very inducive for a tickle party.

Make bath time, fun time. Don't stress yourself too much when it takes them forever to sit so you can shampoo their hair. Don't bicker at them when they accidentally pour some water on you. Instead of stressing your self too much, why don't you join their childish way of taking a bath.

Let them baby you. We love this. I would lay down at the sofa while the kids take care of me. We would pretend that Mommy is the baby and one of them is Daddy and the other is the doctor. It was so much fun speaking like a baby. And they enjoy it too, specially the part where I feed on bottle (yes I do that at times for the sake of our play pretend).

Dance with them. I am not a good dancer but I use dancing to sweat out some carbs. When I dance reggae, they do reggae with me. When I do swing they are my partner. Have you seen three people doing the swing?

And when all else fails, the very minute they close their eyes (to sleep), take their PSP or DS lite and play your favorite game (mine is Mario)

How about you? What are your ways to be a happy stay at home mom?
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