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Posted Apr 13 2012 8:33am
The idea of relaxation changes with age and the number of kiddos.  I used to say that an hour massage was the key to a stress free life, and then it was a pedicure, and now it is a toss up between the dentist and a brow wax.  My needs and expectations have hit an all time low.  Today I had a few kid free minutes, and needed to get a brow wax.  I am not picky, I am all about convenience.  I went to the little shop a few doors down from my daughter's dance studio.  Let me preface this by saying that it was only eight dollars.  Ok, so I am escorted into the little dark, dank room that smelled faintly of burned hair.  I glanced around at the dust that has accumulated on the light and notice the crock pot with what I think is hot wax?  Perhaps a normal person, or the person that I was several years ago would have bolted.  Nope, I was so happy just to lay down on the table and close my eyes for a bit waiting for the brow lady.   I was rudely awaken by the "relaxation" music.  I'm not quite sure who thought that bagpipes would be a good choice, but whatever.  My eyes flutter open and I get my first glance at my brow lady.  She was wearing an eye patch and it was not because she was trying to be a pirate.  Honestly, I didn't even think twice about her ability to craft my bushy brows into a arched work of art with one eye.  I just closed my eyes and literally slept through the whole ripping out my hair ordeal.  I was woken up by a grunt and someone attempting to thrust a hand mirror in my face.  What can I say...I am now in fact a fan of the one eyed, crock pot wax woman.  It was the best nap I have had in awhile.  Sigh...
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