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Wax on Wax off

Posted Aug 06 2009 10:47pm

I do know better, I really do, but I couldn't pass up the 8 dollar eyebrow wax. There is a little shop two doors down from my job that I have been meaning to try. In the past I have spend the big bucks at the gym's spa. 20.00 brow wax with the brow guru. For 20.00 I get a perfect brow, no break outs, soothing music and a short face massage. For 8.00, I got the following:
1. Go to the empty room at the back of the store which smelled like a bad perm. Wait for 5 minutes.
2. Sit through a lecture informing me that I should in fact...Wax my arms, wax my forehead, and my lip. What the heck...I am not a chea pet!
3. After politely refusing excess hair removal, my brow and FOREHEAD is aggressively waxed.
4. Wiping tears from my eyes, I am asked if I would like to bleach my skin to look less "spotty". They are called freckles, I kindly informed the woman and I rather like them. "Oh...but they are so dark" she responds. "lighter would look so much more beautiful."

So for 8.00 I have a hairless forehead, irritated skin,and a SPOT complex.
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