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Wax on Wax off

Posted Mar 10 2009 4:21pm 1 Comment

I wish I was a guy sometimes. If they want to go swimming they just throw on their trunks. We ladies are at such a disadvantage. I would love to take a dip in the pool at the gym, but that requires serious maintenance. Ladies , you know what I mean. You have to weed whack, especially after winter when lets face it, you were fairly maintenance free. After the gym today, I headed home and passed our neighborhood high school. The school has large advertisements from local businesses posted around the fence that faces the street. I understand that this is a way for the school to make money by selling advertising space, but I was a little alarmed by the sign... The waxing Studio...the perfect 15 minute Brazilian. Excuse me a prude, but should we really be advertising a Brazilian on a high school's fence. Are there really high school girls getting the Brazilian? Ewww!! I went to the company's website and read, "The Waxing Studio. We specialize in waxing to the highest professional level, with our true specialty being the more risque, yet very alluring Brazilian wax. In fact, we are the only spa in Austin to dedicate our time and effort in being the best at the Brazilian and the Playboy Wax." Can you imagine some 16 year old girl asking for a Brazilian and then a few weeks later experiencing the "itch". OK , I have never had a Brazilian, but once upon a time I got a little too aggressive maintaining the bikini area. Scratchy,scratchy, itchy, itchy!! I am appalled by the fact that I really want to call the high school and complain. Have I have morphed into "one of those" mom's? I am just thinking, some day my girls will be able to read and they may ask me about the Brazilian...what could I say? is someone from Brazil.
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I see you point if 30 gals went and got a "brazillian wax" it maybe a diificult situation, when trying to sit still in class. Been there done that..
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