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wax on, wax off

Posted May 21 2012 10:56pm 1 Comment
The other day my hubby and I had the state of our union briefing that primarily focused on the budget and spending cuts. He showed me pie-charts and graphs outlining our spending habits in the past few months.  We discussed where we could make some cuts in our spending.  I sat there feeling guilty at the spiking red line in the grocery spending, while sipping on box wine.  Hey, I am trying.  After the talk, I really needed to make some changes and there by forgoing a spa appointment that I had made.  Not spa like relax, but spa as in wax.  Our ten year anniversary is this weekend, and I though I would surprise hubby with some smooth skin.  I chose a nice place, versus the place I get my 8 dollar brow wax for obvious reasons.  I have never had anything waxed besides the brow before.  Well, the budget cuts forced me to rethink my choices.  After talking to a friend, she recommended doing the wax at home.  So, I bought the Sally Hansen wax strip kit.  The cheerful box boasted "quick and easy, works on short hair, and results lasting 8 weeks!"  I waited for hubby to go out for the evening, got the kiddos to bed, and downed a glass of wine to take the edge off.  I locked my bedroom door and preceded to lay out the items.  I began to read the directions and then at the bottom of the pamphlet I spy the phrase, "Must have at least 21 days of growth."  What?  Shouldn't that have been on the front of the box?  Who lets everything grow out for 21 days?  I couldn't return the box because I opened it, and I am too cheap to waste it, so I tried it despite my lack of 21 days of growth.  Not the brightest thing I have done, I guess you need 21 days of fur so you don't rip off a fine layer of skin.  Apparently, there are somethings that need to be budgeted for.  Happy Anniversary honey...
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The 21 day growth is so the wax can grab the hair to pull it out. The hair has to be at least the length of a grain of rice at a professional wax salon. I get mine waxed every 4 - 5 weeks, the smooth baby soft skin is well worth it...
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