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Waste disposal that’s way more fun than it should be

Posted Jul 03 2013 6:37am

Insinkerator disclosure image

A few weeks ago, my sink clogged. Fortunately, my dad, jack of all trades, was in town and was able to plunge the clog out for me. But then a couple of days later, it clogged again. This time Bobby took care of it. That fix lasted three weeks or so, but then it clogged AGAIN. Once again my dad was in town and came over and fixed it for me. And, he showed me how use a plunger to clear the clog myself.

This time the fix only lasted about two hours.

(At this point of the story I should probably also mention that every time the sink clogged, it was after I used the garbage disposal. But my dad thought there was just something in the pipe that shouldn’t be there that eventually we were going to have to snake out.)

I took a plunger to the sink. I have no idea why I thought this would end well.

I plunged one side of the sink and watched triumphantly as the water started to drain. I did a little victory dance. I FIXED THE SINK! I can’t do ANYTHING, and I fixed it! Just like my dad told me!

This is the point of the story when I should mention that my victory dance was interrupted by the sound of rushing, gushing water. Water that soon began pouring out from underneath my sink and onto the kitchen floor. EMERGENCY!

Long story short, I had a big mess, and a broken garbage disposal. And then a lot of trash because everything under my sink was ruined. It was one of the best! days! ever!

Now I don’t know about you, but I am way too lazy to live without a waste disposer in my sink. What? Pour Joshua’s half-eaten breakfast cereal in the trash can instead of down the drain? NO WAY!! I can’t handle that! I would have to get the milk drained out of the bowl first, howmmisupposedtadodat? Right?

Fortunately, I had just met a rep for InSinkErator   brand at the Mom 2.0 Summit (I am telling you, all roads lead to the Mom 2.0 Summit! Fer realz!) So I sent a desperate email…”Hey, you know how we were talking about working together? My garbage disposal just broke! It’s your LUCKY DAY!” (Um, it went something like that.)

Really, it was my lucky day, because I am now the proud, nay, jubilant owner of this:

This bad boy is the InSinkErator Evolution Excel Food Waste Disposer (of DREAMS!!)

This bad boy is the InSinkErator Evolution Excel Food Waste Disposer (of DREAMS!!)

OMG BFFs! I realize that it is sad that I am in the season of life where I get excited about small appliances but I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS THING! It totally rules my world. Because my world is full of housework and dirty diapers  and OH SO MUCH LOUD LOUD NOISE but this sleek, shiny machine takes my leftover crap and pulverizes the heck out of it and barely makes a sound. InSinkErator’s SoundSeal Plus™ makes this baby 60% quieter. It’s CRAZY quiet. The first time I turned it on? I didn’t think it was working. Because I couldn’t hear it at first over the sound of the running faucet! It’s quieter than running water. Seriously. Let me show you.

If you have an Evolution Excel waste disposer, you no longer have to worry about waking the baby when you’re cleaning the sink, HOLLA! I know that can be an issue when you have the kitchen and bedrooms on the same floor of the house. And there is nothing, NOTHING more sacred than nap time, canigetanamen?

And beyond how quiet it is, the other thing I love about it is the MultiGrind Plus™ feature which means, and I quote, “You can stop worrying about what food you can/cannot put in your disposer.” I can stop WORRYING? You mean that’s one less thing I have to think about? One less thing for me to screw up and cause domestic distress?

Isn't it lovely?

You can put a whole lot of mess down this rabbit hole.

Halle-flippin’-lujah, I’ll take it! This baby has 1.0 horsepower and you can put it to the test! Chicken bones, fruit rinds, coffee grounds – the Evolution Excel virtually liquefies all your food waste, people. Yesssss it does. (Quietly!) The Evolution Excel has definitely made my kitchen clean-up routine easier and faster. I couldn’t be any more pleased with its performance!

There’s one more thing that really impresses me InSinkErator Evolution Excel. It’s got a 7-year warranty. SEVEN YEARS. And they will come to your house and fix it for you. Parts and labor included! (Our old disposer, the one that broke? It was the higher-end  one at the department store, a name brand you have all heard of, we had it for less than seven years, and we were out of luck when it broke.)

Did anyone else just swoon? That’s a way better warranty than you get on most new cars!

InSinkErator box2


The bottom line on this product? After having it in our home and putting it to the test for several weeks, Bobby and I are thrilled with it. It’s large capacity, quiet but powerful grinding, and efficiency and versatility make it the perfect food waste disposer for our family. I know if you give InSinkErator brand a try, you will not be disappointed!

What qualities do you look for in a food waste disposer?

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