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Want to Know Wednesdays...Celebrating the Small Victories

Posted Feb 08 2012 12:57pm


                                 Hosted by  MamarazziQueso  and  Crazymama

{1} What is for dinner tonight (bonus for sharing the recipe)?

Pork loin, orzo with parmesan and basil and some type of veggie.

The pork loin is to die for!  I put a rub of various spices and extra virgin olive oil on it and roast it for about 90 minutes.  It's super juicy and so tasty.

The orzo is delicious too!  Found the recipe online and pinned it!  If you want to check it out, here's a link...

{2} Share something you are currently looking forward to.

Actually, there are two things I'm looking forward to.

One is our annual Disneyland trip this year in May!  But this time, we're not telling the kids about it until the day we leave.  They're gonna be so super excited!!!

I'm also looking forward to the construction on our home being completed.  It's been so chaotic around here, trying to keep track of the construction schedule and trying to keep the kids out of the workers' way.

It's a wonder no one's lost an arm or a leg yet.  The workers, I mean.
{3} What are your thoughts on re-gifting?

You know, my attitude is whatever works for you.

And if you're assuming I've done it before based on that answer,  you'd be right.

But it was a super nice gift that was re-gifted and that has to count for something.

{4} How often do you rearrange your furniture?

Actually, quite often.  I get tired of seeing the same things in the same place.  So I'm constantly moving things around and switching everything up.

Plus, it irritates the kids.

It's payback.  What can I say?

{5} Share a picture from your cellphone or camera.

How sweet is this?

We had gone out to dinner and as we were being lead to our table, Garrett and Cole had their arms around each other.

Of course,  not 5 minutes later, they were attempting to spit on one another so you can see why I have to celebrate the small victories as they come.

Because they don't happen often.

Oh and small PS - Some of you asked what the name of the book was in one of my previous posts but you left no e-mail in your profile or any other way to get in touch with you so it's Night Road by Kristin Hannah. Registered & Protected
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