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Want To Be A Better Dad? Join Odadeo

Posted Dec 20 2008 5:57pm
Odadeo logo How are you going to be a better dad?

J ust over a week ago a good friend of mine, Jeff from Daddy’s Toolbox, invited me to join Odadeo, a new social network for dads. Now, if you want to network with other dads and challenge yourself to become a better dad, join us on Odadeo and you’ll be part of a growing community.

Like any “social network” it will take time for the membership base to grow and mature to the point where new members can realize the added value of any network. I can already see the value and I’m glad Jeff invited me to join Odadeo because, simply put, it offers a place to find and network with other dads online. Currently (12.12.2008), there are almost 1,000 dads registered and I hope to see the number grow over time.

The ability to network with other dads was one reason I used to love stalking people over at Cre8Buzz. Now, if I want to find other dads, my first instinct is to turn to Twitter and look through followers of friends who I know are dads. That way I can see if any new dads have popped up. With Odadeo I can go to one site and start browsing around and being networking with other dads.

In the following images ( click for a larger view ) you can see a screenshot of the main log in dashboard (on the left) and my profile screen (on the right). The website is well laid out and easy to navigate with tabbed navigation at the top of every page.

The Odadeo home page

Odadeo Dashboard

My profile on Odadeo social network for dads

My profile on Odadeo

After you join and log in you’ll first be directed to the main dashboard where you can make a quick pledge as well as check in on your friends, view recent questions and check out your DADSDAQ.

Unlike other social sites, you can publicly pledge to do certain actions and keep track of your progress and also view the progress of others. Support from other men can make a big difference when you’re trying to overcome some of the many challenges that fathers face today.

Once you pledge to do something, for example: “I am going to learn to be more patient” or “I am going to treat my wife better for my kids”, you can pip your progress, as long as you’ve made some progress, to show that you’re getting better. As you pip your progress or actually complete certain tasks, your DADSDAQ will improve.

If this sounds interesting to you, come join me on Odadeo and check out all the other great features available. There’s much more than I can cover here so I hope to see you there.

Be sure to check out the Odadeo blog for up-to-date information, tips and tricks to help you get the most out of the Odadeo community.

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