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Waiting for the perfect…..

Posted Sep 29 2011 9:55pm

I tend to be “ideal girl”. Always waiting for the best and most ideal time to do things. If I can’t do it at the prime time then I don’t do it at all and so that’s why many days I would miss my time in the Word. My plans were to spend time in the Bible during Sophie’s nap but then I would end up doing house work and so when she woke up there was no way I could do my quiet time. Four year old and quiet. Yeah, that just doesn’t work out. Or so I thought. Until one day I decided to incorporate Sophie into my world of devotions. I sat her on the couch with me and pulled out my book and Bible and told her we were going to do Bible Study together. I wanted to laugh out loud at how ridiculous that sounded but held back my holy laughter. I read aloud from Jesus Calling by Sarah Young and Sophie was just shaking her head through the whole thing. Agreeing with every word spoken. Then I read from my Bible and we prayed. It was different than what I had planned but it was really neat. The next few days we did this until Sophie wanted to lead our time of Bible Study and she did. She read from Mitchell’s Star Wars DSi game booklet. It magically divinely turned into a prayer book and so she read prayers aloud to me. Too bad they weren’t to God since that’s what prayer is all about. Oh well, you take what you can get from a four year old. I let her lead our time together for a while and then I told her I needed some time alone with God and she could have her time alone with Him too. And that lasted for about four minutes and then I heard some cartoons blaring upstairs. But that was okay because she’s four and four year olds watch cartoons…..but they can also participate in a time of worship with Mom. And I never knew that until then.

I had forgotten about some of this until today as our youth pastor’s wife and I were talking about our time in the Word and how it can be such a struggle at times especially with little ones at home 24/7 and with no family around to help out with childcare. Priscilla Shirer encouraged me a few years ago in a women’s event I attended to take small bites of the Word and meditate all week on them. She’d take three or so verses and write them on note cards and read them daily and meditate on them….asking God to change her as a result of practicing the Word and fleshing it out. Just small bites and short amounts of time based on the season of your life. At the time she was speaking from the season of having three preschool aged boys and so her meditation  and reading of verses took place while she was washing dishes, folding laundry and driving to the grocery store. Intentional but maybe not exactly what we think of as divine encounters with God.

But what is a divine encounter with God anyways? Isn’t it when God initiates relationship with us and we respond? Even if it’s in the carpool line or in the laundry room mulling the Word around in our hearts. Or with a toddler sitting in your lap. It’s God speaking and us listening and the other way around too because it’s a relationship. Not that we are equals because we aren’t but He listens to us and He speaks to us out of His grace and love for us. 

Man I’m glad He takes us wherever we are, aren’t you?

What are your thoughts about multitasking and meditation? Do you feel this is not making time with God a priority or do you view it as making time with God a priority by being creatively intentional in how you spend your time?

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