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Waiter .. there's a fly in my soup

Posted Dec 23 2008 9:34pm
This one is especially for M2 .. daughter of BJ in Dallas, Texas. As opposed to Dallas anywhere else ... we do have a Texas about three hours drive away from us ... but I digress.

If you read comments you would have read the lovely 11 year old M2 asking me about kangas and drop bears (koalas) ... I answered these and the question about accents to the best of my ability on her mom's blog (did you like my American accent there ... mom - mum).

And here is a contribution from MIC ... He's a kiwi so you gotta watch what he says ... you know what six sounds like when a New Zealander utters those words ... probably the attraction in the first place ...

Anyways look what MIC found this evening eating our bird seed. Bird seed meant for the rainbow lorrikettes ..

A rather cheeky darn possum. Ringtail. At least now we know why the feeder is knocked over each nite ..
MIC went to the gun box - opps - sorry MIC wrong country - in NZ possums are hunted as pests ... across the ditch (the sea - Kiwis call it the ditch - I find this absurdly funny for some reason) they are protected. So he shot it with the camera instead.

So here you go M2 your first bit of real Aussie wild life from MIC the would be great white possum hunter ... feeder ...

I should clarify that hunting thing as I have woven a tale here ...
True MIC owns guns - all properly licensed and kept in a gun safe - he likes to clean them ... it's a guy thing .... maybe phalic maybe not ... true in the 14 years I have been with him he has been hunting once - for tar (a snow goat type thing in NZ) and truer yet he has never hit a thing ... he really is a pacifist at heart.
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