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Volunteers : A dying breed

Posted Aug 27 2009 11:38pm
I never realized how under valued that volunteers are until today.
People do not understand that the vast majority of fire departments around the country are volunteer companies. My husband being one of those men.
He doesn't do it to be a hero, he doesn't do it for the money obviously because there is none, and he sure doesn't do it for the chicks. He is obviously married.

People should be grateful for volunteers, not put people down because they should be doing other things with their time. With the current status of our horrible economy, people should phrase people who are not working for sharing their time with others instead of saying they should be working. Obviously they should be working.
Obviously they want to be working.
But why just sit on their ass and do nothing instead of sharing your time with people in need?

I am a volunteer, I hold 3 different volunteer positions.
Two in an international birth group, and one in my local fire department or at least I am trying to spark more wives interest in that manner.

Do you know how many guys at our local fire house are laid off? I would say a good 60% of them, and when an actual fire happens, in the middle of the day, when every other person is in work, or sleeping because they work third shift, these men are there to save your house, or your neighbors house.

Do you know how many positions at The March of Dimes are volunteers?
Do you know how many positions at The Red Cross are volunteers?

It is so sad that people are actually looked down on for volunteering these days.

Just goes to show where this world is going.
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