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Viral Mother/Son Dance Video? No thanks.

Posted Feb 11 2014 9:20am

Last week, another video spread like wildfire throughout social media. The video, titled “The Most Amazing Mother Son Wedding Dance EVER!!!!,” has nearly a million views.

If you haven’t seen it (and for some strange reason want to), here you go.

But here’s the thing.

Mother/Son wedding dances aren’t supposed to be amazing. They aren’t supposed to go viral. They aren’t supposed to be choreographed! They aren’t supposed to upstage the bride.

And for the love of all that is holy, they are not supposed to send a subliminal message from mother-in-law to hew newly-minted daughter-in-law with the songs “I Want You Back” and “Can’t Touch This.”

I’ll let you all ponder that one for a minute.

I just think the whole thing is wildly inappropriate, and I wish for the bride’s sake it had taken place before she had said her vows, so she knew exactly what she was getting herself into.

Listen, I am the mother of a son whom I love more than life itself. The bond between a boy and his mom? I get it. But, much like the promises I’ve made to Kate about not being an evil shrew when she picks out her wedding dress (and yes, she and I watch way too much “Say Yes to the Dress”), I am 100% confident in saying that that is something I will not do if and when Sam gets married. I just cannot conceive of how this woman thought that making her son’s wedding reception all about her was a good idea.

Narcissism with a dose of Oedipus complex thrown in for kicks. Gotta love it.

Don’t believe me? Check out this quote from the Daily Mail :

The video has now been viewed almost 800,000 and Kathy Bunker says she made a commitment to a producer from Ellen that she and her son would appear on the show.

I’m betting her son and his wife will make a commitment to appear on Divorce Court.

creepy mother son dance

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