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Very Happy Bangkok Trip

Posted Sep 13 2008 6:52pm

Well, I complaint that I hated my job few days ago. I think there is still one thing good about my job - the traveling (depends on destination, of course).

I really love Bangkok. I hate all other destination other than Bangkok.

More than a year I have not been to Bangkok already. Given that I covered India and China last year, I went to these 2 countries instead, plus Houston and Singapore for meeting/training.

After such a long break, I am now back to Bangkok! The purpose is to assess some local agencies’ capability of handling the type of projects that we will be doing this year.

This is a very short trip and my schedule is very tight. I have to visit 4 agencies within 2 days, and I only arrived at noon yesterday, will be leaving at 3pm today for the airport.

But then, yesterday night I was very happy. I finally did some shopping and foot massage.

I always wanted to shop in Bangkok, but never got a good chance. Yesterday my appointments ended earlier. Back to the hotel to drop my computer and other heavy stuff, I left for MBK at 6:30pm.

I was already very hungry. But then, I couldn’t decide what to eat. I just walked around in MBK. A lot of stuff to see, but as I am a lousy shopper and bargainer, I didn’t know what to buy.

Then, I reached a toyshop and saw this airplane balloon. I immediately thought of Ian who likes plane models. I wanted it! But I don’t know what price I should pay. Just tried my luck, trying to cut from 90 baht to 50. That guy refused and asked for 70. Then I pretended I wanted to leave. He didn’t stop me – malu betul, me!

I really wanted it! So, I went back and negotiated again. Finally paid 60 baht (around RM6) for it. Maybe I paid too much, but for Ian’s sake, I don’t mind! * Ian, you better like it har… for I ‘threw’ my face to go back and buy it… *

And then, I saw this bag stall. Never bought any bags in 2 years already except a recent diapering bag (cannot be considered). I liked the bag and ‘forced’ the girls to sell it at 200 baht. Very difficult, but I finally bought 2 bags with 400 baht. Maybe still expensive, but I am satisfied with my bags. :p

Bought some other stuff too: 2 shirts for Ian, and a lot of Thai snacks for Chinese New Year. Sorry, nothing for DH – nothing seem to be suitable for him!

Finally decided to eat Japanese food (strange, my craving for food is still with Jap!!!). This is the type that you have to take off your shoes and sit inside the ‘hole’ one. The service was slow, and the food okay only. The service was slow that I almost missed the last session for foot massage – the place closes at 10pm!

When I rushed to the foot massage place, wow… I finally enjoyed the thing that I longed for. I love foot massage, especially the ones in Thailand. I just loved it and I wish I could do it every day. The price is not expensive here, around 250 to 350 baht (depends on outlets). For this one I paid 300 baht. If it weren’t too late already, I would have slept in the session (too late not many people, I have to be more alert with my belongings).

When I reached Phrom Phong station, it was already 10:15pm, and I had to walk from the station back to the hotel (The Davis).

OMG! Guess what? They said the walk is only 5 minutes, but it was NOT! It took me 20 minutes to walk, and in between I had to pass-by construction site and the road was dark and quiet. I was very scared, but luckily there was a family walking with me. When I reached the hotel I was extremely exhausted and the foot massage effect has all gone – I had sore feet again!

But overall I was very happy in this trip. This is the only thing I like about my job.

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