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Vegetarian children and childhood obesity

Posted Dec 27 2009 12:00am

Last month the Los Angeles Times came out with a super article regarding vegetarian (non-meat-eating) diets and the benefits for children as they grow into healthy adults.

Following are quotes from the article entitled 'Vegetarian Kids':

' Beyond doing no harm, vegetarianism may also help kids, research suggests. For one thing, cutting down on meat early in life might be one way to counter the rising rates of obesity, along with the chronic diseases associated with it.

Some evidence suggests that vegetarian kids are slimmer than their meat-eating peers and that teenagers are less likely to be overweight or obese if they don't eat meat. Studies also show that vegetarian teens eat fewer sweets and junk food and get more fruits, vegetables and fiber.

"Just by their diet alone, vegetarian children tend to be leaner," Renda says. "That helps them as adults because they're not getting the double whammy of being overweight as kids already." '

Picture by Maciej Mamro, PhotoXpress

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