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Using A Head Lice Comb To Annihilate Lice

Posted Jun 05 2010 7:12am

In order to remove head lice from your child's hair, it is essential that you get the correct  type of comb.

Even though head louse is not a dangerous affliction, it is contagious. Head lice infestations get worse and spread via person to person contact. However, they cannot jump and they do not have any ability to fly.

But, head lice are frustrating when faced with an infestation and it is nagging due to an itchy scalp. These parasites live by drawing a small amount of blood from the scalp causing itchy red bumps to be the root of the irritation.

To successfully remove the parasite from your child's head, you have to remove the lice themselves and the nits or eggs that may be left behind.

These nits are a tan or yellowish spot that will be affixed to the shaft of the hair. After the eggs have hatched they will appear white or clear.Once hatched, they will turn a white or clear appearance.

Your child's hair should be moist when you are attempting to comb out lice and nits in order to make removal easier. Divide the hair into approximately one inch sections at a time. Make sure that you comb all the way through the hair from the scalp to the tip with your head lice comb . Be sure that you wipe or rinse the head lice comb after each pass through the hair. Repeat the combing process until each of the areas of hair is completed.

You will need to re-do the process in seven to ten days so when the eggs that were missed hatch, they can be killed by the shampoo.

Using the right lice comb is the vital when combing out the annoying head lice. The best kinds of comb for the job will be metal and have long teeth that are finely spaced. Also, the region between the handle and the teeth should be sealed to thwart live lice from hiding inside.

Since head lice eggs (nits) stick themselves to the shaft of the hair, many plastic combs that are sold with some of the medicated shampoos simply aren't strong enough to work most effectively. But if you are painstaking about combing the hair through the base of the comb, they do work well.

Lice combs are much easier than going the tweezer route that some people try to use to rid the head lice. The difference here is that with tweezers you have to spot the lice and the nits in order to remove them which is not always possible.

Another method instead of using the pesticides of the medicated shampoos is going with an electric comb. The electronic lice comb is powered by a single AA battery and will assassinate lice on contact simply by combing it through dry hair.

Essentially, as the comb's metal teeth touch the parasite they get a charge of current and are killed. After which time the lice can then be combed out of the hair.

By using an electric head lice comb you can repeat the combing as often as need be, which you cannot do if you opt for the pesticide or chemical route.  And the comb can be cleaned and stored in the event of a future head lice infestation.

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